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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Teens > Music > TV > Big Time Rush: Season One: Volume 2 (Nickelodeon DVD)

Big Time Rush: Season One: Volume 2 (Nickelodeon DVD)


Picture: B-†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: C†††† Episodes: B+



It is not easy being in a boy pop band. BTR (Big Time Rush) is on its way to the top but not without some highs and lows. With fame rushing to their head, meeting celebrities and debuting their album anything and everything can go wrong. Can the boys handle the pressures of Hollywood life? Get ready as Big Time Rush takes the stage (in more ways than one)!
Four best friends Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan on their way to the top after producing a hit for producer/song writer Gustavo. Now they are moved into Palm Woods Hotel (along with Jamesí mom and sister) and living with other aspiring actors, models and singers. The road to fame is grand but it is never smooth, they come into conflict with various competition, producers and challenges (not to mention themselves or each other). Will they be another typical boy band, one-hit, one-time wonder or will they become the next singing superstars?
This is a fiction/non-fictional story about 4 boys in a boy band. While they ARE a real life band and have produced an album, their life and their rise to fame is completely fictional. This is also an amusing series as each episode revolves around some issue or hilarious problem and is solved when the boys work together as team. Most episodes include a music video-like segment with singing and choreographed dancing. Extras include behind the scenes and pilot episode of House of Anubis.


Big Time Blogger - The Boy are up for an interview a famous blogger, can they prove they are more than just pretty boy band made up by their producer?
Big Time Terror - Gustavo's mansion is flooded and has moved in with the boys, but thatís not the only thing moving in; a ghost seems to be haunting Palm Woods Hotel.
Big Time Dance - The BTR is hosting a school dance but they only have one day to do it, can they get it done in time and find dates too?
Big Time Spark - The boys have a chance meeting another famous singing celebrity, is good luck... or bad.
Big Time Fever - The heat is up and so is Hollywood fever, can James pull band back together before stardom goes to their heads?
Big Time Video - BTR is making a music video, but their friends are in trouble, can they do something to help save their careers?
Big Time Concert (TV movie)
BTR is going on tour, but at the last minute their show was canceled by big wigs and producers and they then were sent home. Gustavo risks it all to bring the boys back and one last chance for fame. Meanwhile, James is left the band and now the boys have to find him and bring him back.



-†† Ricky Chiang


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