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Man In A Suitcase: Set 2 (1968/Acorn Media U.S. DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: C     Episodes: C



"Mac" McGill is an American private detective, going anywhere from London, Europe to anywhere that is willing to pay him.  His jobs range from finding stolen items, missing people, murder and even international espionage. He uses his wits (and his fists) to follow the clues and solve the case.  Scorned by governments and lawmen, he is fear by those who break the law, and if no one else can solve it, call in McGill.
McGill is a disgraced former CIA agent, who now mainly works in Europe or London, or some European related case as detective for hire.  He left intelligence service after disagreeing with their tactics and anything is justified serving for the 'greater good' policy.  Now with his former training, sharp wits, and resourcefulness he works mostly for those who want to remain 'off the record'.  He takes high paying cases mainly the rich, politicians, even a few other intelligence services. But whichever side he is on ...he is always on the side of the good.
The Man in the Suitcase was sort of like a jack of all trades detective, the best way I could describe the main character McGill is he was like a mixture of Sherlock Holms, James Bond, and MacGyver.  He was a character who played private detective, but his background a former intelligence service man allowed him to also occasionally play the part of a spy or agent, he was like a lone gunman of 60s law enforcement.  I found it amusing how Americans characters were portrayed as playboys who would do anything for money and break rules and laws but still be the 'good guys'.  These shows show their age in 1.33 X 1 presentations and Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono here, but one episode (listed below) has already been issued on Blu-ray in a U.K. compilation and these still work for what they are, but you can see the script quality slowly fade as you watch and that sadly led to the end of the show.  Extras include photo galleries and interview with Richard Bradford.
Episode 1: The Whisper
A plantation owner wants his priest investigated so he doesn't have to pay his workers overtime.  Turns out the 'priest' used to be a mercenary of death.
Episode 2: Why They Killed Nolan
An old friend of McGill needs to get out of the country and asks McGill for help, but then he is found dead and McGill is framed.
Episode 3: The Boston Square
A deep sea researcher disappears with all his research, McGill is sent to find him, but turns out he has something to do with his former service.
Episode 4: Somebody Loses, Somebody... Wins?
A woman is in Germany is considered to be a double agent.  McGill is sent in, but can he get out?  [This is the episode out on a Blu-ray compilation in the U.K.]
Episode 5: Blind Spot
When a rich blind woman is murdered, McGill is hired by her blind daughter to find her missing jewels.
Episode 6: No Friend of Mine
Someone is trying to blow up a mining company, McGill is hired to find out who before it sparks a revolution.
Episode 7: Jigsaw Man
McGill is hired by a rich Italian to find his wayward brother who just keeps sending home the bills.
Episode 8: Web with Four Spiders
A wealthy lawyer has incriminating photos sent to him, but no blackmail.  McGill is hired to find out who is sending the pictures.
Episode 9: Which Way Did He Go, McGill?
An ex-con is released from prison and now is hunting down his former crew, McGill must now find the former crew before they all end up dead.
Episode 10: Property of a Gentleman
When two rich brothers asks a fallen actor to play their father, the daughter suspects otherwise and asks McGill to find out what's going on.
Episode 11: The Revolutionaries
An author and daughter planning to publish a book to incriminated a dictator, McGill is hired to get the daughter out.
Episode 12: Who's Mad Now?
McGill's old flame thinks she is going mad, McGill is sent in to investigate on her husband who wants her dead for her money.
Episode 13: Three Blinks of the Eyes
A Millionairess wants her abusive and cheating husband to come home, and will do anything to get him back.
Episode 14: Castle in the Clouds
A beautiful young woman seductress steals for rich bachelors and married men, McGill is hired to recover a stolen diamond broach.
Episode 15: Night Flight to Andorra
McGill organizes a team of thieves to break into a well guarded compound and steal something that could change the world.


We have covered the previous half of the series in its U.S. DVD release from Acorn at this link:





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When the show finally has HD transfers of all of its episodes, it will be interesting to compare to this set and such a Blu-ray set deserves U.S. release.  Until then, you can see the whole series (finally) in the U.S. in two sets from Acorn Media.

-   Ricky Chiang


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