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Conan: The Adventurer - Season 2: Part 1 (Shout! Factory DVD)


Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: C+



Conan The Barbarian is the mightiest warrior ever. After his family was frozen in stone he vows to find a cure and restore them by sending the serpent men back into another dimension and defeating their leader, the evil sorcerer Wrath-Amon. Along with wise cracking baby phoenix Needle, and other his other warrior friends (Zula, Jezmine, Greywolf, and Snagg) and his magic starmetal sword they seek to rid the land of Wrath-Amon and his evil influence in the new set of Conan The Adventurer.


As he fights various evils and challenges in his never-ending quest to find a cure for family locked in living stone, each episode has him joined by one or two of his friends as they aid him in his quest. They not only search for clues to cure Conan's family but for starmetal, the only material that is able reveal the serpent men and send them back to their dimension, but the evil sorcerer Wrath-Amon seeks to steal the starmetal as well, to resurrect his evil master Set.


This was a sword swinging, children appropriate series cartoon. A heroic barbarian character set off to fight evil. Each animated episode has him battling evil, not only with his sword, but also cunning, wits and learns the meaning of friendship and teamwork in a land of magic, danger and adventure.
Episode 1: Tribal Warfare
The Snake men trick Conan and Snagg's tribes to fight one another.
Episode 2: Curse of Axh'oon
Conan and Zula must save a kingdom from a mask that controls a volcano.
Episode 3: Master Thief of Shadizar
Conan is trapped in an amber statue and only a thief can save him.
Episode 4: The Vengeance of Jhebbel Sag
The spirit of the beasts is captured by Wrath-Amon and Conan must free him.
Episode 5: The Red Brotherhood
Conan and Snagg get shanghai-ed into being pirates.
Episode 6: Thunder and Lighting
Conan's and his horse is tricked by Wrath-Amon's spell.
Episode 7: The Crevasse of Wind
Conan seeks a magical book, but it is guarded by an evil phoenix.
Episode 8: Hanuman the Ape God
An ape from beyond the stars is enslaved by a greedy human.
Episode 9: Isle of Naiads
Conan and Snagg find an island of magical creatures.
Episode 10: In Days of Old
Greywolf and Conan's youth gets stolen by an evil wizard.
Episode 11: Birth of Wrath-Amon
Conan goes back in time and meets Wrath-Amon before he becomes Wrath-Amon.
Episode 12: Earthbound
Windfang gets a chance to become human once again.
Episode 13: The Treachery of Emperors
Conan rescues a princess but then the emperor reigns on his word.


Picture and sound were weak to me, but you might think they are better as is the case with the last set reviewed here:





There are no extras.



- Ricky Chiang


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