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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Crime > Police > Corruption > Drugs > Gangster > Hong Kong > Fire Of Conscience (2010/Vivendi/Indomina DVD)

Fire Of Conscience (2010/Vivendi/Indomina DVD)


Picture: B-†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: B†††† Film: B+



Captain Manfred is a hardboiled street cop and Inspector Kee is cop on the fast track to promotion, both beat cops, but their paths collide when their cases crossover into each one another, a bus accident and the murder of a prostitute.Soon, both are lead into a darker world of dirty politics, corruption and crime.  Behind the gun runners and drug dealers lies a hidden mastermind, and to catch him they will have to be just as cold and ruthless, but when they find each other at opposite ends of the barrel, who is the real crook and who is the cop? In the line of duty sometimes a cop has to know when to step over the lines.
In Dante Lamís Fire of Conscience (2010), both are men who willing do anything to get the job done, but thatís where their similarities end, but after death of several cops in the line of duty, Captain Manfred discovers corruption deep within his own police force and Inspector Kee is the mastermind behind recent string of crimes. It becomes a nonstop chase between cat and mouse, and epic showdown between good cop versus bad cop.
This is an Asian cop story, how the weary street cops combat crime with blood, bullets and their lives. The constant struggle has put a strain on the lives of cops and they become more tempted to sometimes 'ignore' the law and have personal vices of their own, meanwhile their higher ups worry more about PR than their lives. The line between cops and criminals blur when cops are willing to get their hands dirty and criminals seem more like victims of circumstance than of greed. That the real difference between good and evil is whether we give into to our own demons or desires, it raise the question are we controlled by our desires or can we rise above them? The 2.35 X 1 scope frame looks good for a DVD, but the sound comes up a bit short sounding limited overall considering the multi-channel possibilities, though a Blu-ray with a lossless mix might sound better.Extras include behind the scenes with story, characters concepts and trailers.



-†† Ricky Chiang


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