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Category:    Home > Reviews > Science Fiction > Action > Post Apocalypse > Wasteland (2011/Cinema Epoch DVD)

Wasteland (2011/Cinema Epoch DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: D     Extras: D     Film: C+



In the not too far future the earth is in ruins, because of pollution, toxic waste, and other chemicals have turned the world into a desert wasteland.  Crops have failed, livestock have either died out or become mutated, humans and civilization has both degenerated scavengers and cannibals.  Twisted zealots have appeared and have claimed they are the 'chosen' ones and all everyone else is just cattle to them.  In Kantz’s Wasteland (2011), we get yet another post-apocalyptic action thriller.
Tanaka was just a father just trying to make a living in the wastelands with his family; that is until the 'church' found them.  His wife was raped and murdered before his eyes, his son taken, then he was shot and left for dead. Seventeen years later, Tanaka is back, a nameless nomad wandering the desert seeking revenge for what happened to his family.
If I had to describe this film in a nutshell it would be a modern Mad Max movie minus all the vehicles, one man's quest for revenge/justice in a dystopian world filled with mutant monsters and people are without a shred of decency (sound familiar?  Think Revenge Western…).  It was filled with one-liners and typical characters that you would expect to survive and appear in an apocalypse world.


I just wish it had more to offer.



-   Ricky Chiang


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