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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Satire > Spoof > Religion > Politics > Mangus! (2011/Wolfe DVD)

Mangus! (2011/Wolfe DVD)


Picture: C-†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: D†††† Film: C+



Some want to be lawyers, some astronauts, but all Mangus! (Ryan Boggus) really want is to be Jesus!Following his family tradition all the men in his family got to play Jesus, all Mangus wishes is to follow that tradition, but after an accident left him as a paraplegic he finds his role taken away, but now is he still willing to do all that he can to get his role back?As he gets bounced around from family member to family member they remind him that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.Mangus also just got the role of playing Jesus in his school play Jesus Christ Spectacular, a low budget version of Jesus Christ Superstar, but after finding himself in a celebrityís drunken car accident he find himself in a wheelchair and the school board has decided a handicapped Jesus would be un-kosher and the role should go to someone else.Now can his trailer-trash family help him get out of the dumps?
Ash Christianís new film is a comedy of a family of odd balls. The title character is more depressed not getting to be Jesus than the lost of his legs and bladder control.His real character is quite ironic (thus funny) the opposite of Jesus, his normal life involves drinking, doing drugs, going to topless bars, his army dad is away, his step mother tosses him out, his mother is a professional psychic and his half sister is 'Jessica Simpson'. Regardless of his wayward family, no matter how weird or kinky the situation is, they always look for the bright side of things. I thought this looked very cheap and sounded passable at best, so playback was not so impressive.Extras include commentary and trailer.



- ††Ricky Chiang


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