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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Animals > Nature > Preservation > Biography > Enviromental > Jane's Journey (2010/First Run Features DVD)

Jane's Journey (First Run Features DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: C     Extras: C     Documentary: B+



Jane Goodall is an extraordinary woman known throughout the world as the woman befriended wild chimpanzees, observed and studied them for nearly half a century in Tanzania, Africa, but what makes her so special?  Her life's work?  The chimpanzees?  Perhaps it is the quiet nature in which she sees the world.  Simple yet profound this woman's words and actions have influenced people's perceptions of the world and nature.  Now, you can take a look into her life, her passion, as she reminds us of the importance of what life is in the new documentary Jane’s Journey.

Considered a nature lover, scientist, altruist, humanitarian, and philanthropist, she may not been a rich heiress or an Albert Einstein, she is rich in life and has wisdom far beyond her years.  Through her life's study of chimpanzees she learned humans need to treasure life, and be reminded to most simplest of reasons why we live.  In a world where humans now live so far removed from nature we have forgotten that we are only a small part of this world.  Her life shows an inspiring view, that as residents of this world we must take care of what we have been given so that our children may have a future.  You can go with her here as she travels the world and talks with audiences, lectures and the people whom she has influenced.
This was a well done documentary from director Lorenz Knauer and a story of her contribution to the world.  What started as her life's work became a testimony to the world, that any person can find hope and that the smallest thing can make a difference.  It is a documentary feature good for families and anyone who wishes for better world for our futures.  The picture and sound are good for a new documentary and is watchable enough throughout, so no problems there.  Extras include exclusive interview with Jane Goodall and more about Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots.



-   Ricky Chiang


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