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Murphy's Law - Series 4 & 5 (2006 – 2007/Acorn Media DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: C+



Tom Murphy is a cop, an undercover cop, a deep undercover cop, the best undercover cop there is.  When the law falls short of evidence he goes undercover to find criminals and the evidence to process them.  When the police can't break the law, he knows how to bend the rules. He mingles with London's criminal underworld, unknown lawbreakers he is the deadly viper within their midst.  When undercover, he seem to switch over personalities, to keep his cover he would do anything to fool the criminals he wants to get close to, drugs, pimping, prostitution and more.  Shunned by his superiors, surrounded by those he is suppose to catch and arrest Murphy constantly is alone, risking his life and without back up, if he is discovered anytime he would become a dead man.
This series is like a low budget single man criminal investigation drama, the main character is a deep undercover cop, so deep that he struggles with his own persona and demons, when to break the law, and when the law no longer applies, and in the end staying alive is more important following any rules or regulations.  Extras include notes from James Nesbit and trailers.
Series 4 – Murphy, he pretends to be a drug dealer to get close to two brother hoodlums in order to uncover evidence that they are planning to bring a foreign drug empire into the hood.  Things go well until his cover is blown by his incompetent peers and puts not only him in danger but his parents as well.  It will take some fast thinking and even faster talking to keep him from getting a bullet in his head.
Series 5 – When two undercover cops go missing, Murphy goes in to bring them back, but he may too late and in heads over heels when his superiors’ wishes to pull him out because he is more worried about his public appearance and PR than the lives of his officers.  Murphy must find his missing people, stop a drug/slave/prostitution ring from an ex-military drug lord before he finds his people in bodybags.



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-   Ricky Chiang


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