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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Anime > Action > Fantasy > Science Fiction > Japan > ICE – The Complete Collection (Sental Filmworks/Section 23/MVD Visual DVD)

ICE – The Complete Collection (Sental Filmworks/Section 23/MVD Visual DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: A-



In the future, mankind has been decimated by war and bioterrorism, all the males have died and only a hand full of females survive near the ruins of Tokyo.  They are two groups, the ones who believe in bioengineering (ICE) to recreate man to save the species and the Kisaragis, those who accepted fate and it is mankind's fate to die out in this Anime series.
The story revolves around Hitomi Landsknecht, the grey haired captain of the Guardswoman.  She and her team discover two top secret projects, ICE and the Two Towers.  Project ICE is using nanomachines to try and recreate man, unfortunately most the female test subjects’ end up becoming killer monsters.  The Two Towers project was a tera-form project leftover from the previous age, but when activated it would wipe out whatever existed before it.  Caught between the power struggle between the two struggling monarchies Hitomi realizes if things continue as is they will wipe each other out, but can her and her team find a third way and save their species?
This was a very interesting sci-fi film, a movie about the final days of man (woman?). The protagonist reminds me a bit of Capt. Harlock character, a strong minded one eyed individual struggling to save mankind from its own folly.  It plays with the idea that even in a world ruled by females it would still fall to chaos, destruction and ruin.  In the end Hitomi and her team sacrifice themselves to stop the Two Tower's project using the ICE project, eventually the world was terraformed giving the world a second chance and in the end two unknown characters, a male a female (a new Adam and Eve) is seen holding hands.  Don’t miss it!



-   Ricky Chiang


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