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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > History > War > Mini-Series > The Civil War Commemorative Documentary Collection: The 150th Anniversary (Mill Creek Entertainment DVD Set)

The Civil War Commemorative Documentary Collection: The 150th Anniversary (Mill Creek Entertainment DVD Set)


Picture: C†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: D†††† Episodes: C



The American Civil War, one of America's bloodiest wars, it was not fought in another country nor an invading foreign army but with itself and its own people. Years before Abraham Lincoln became President, the Northern and Southern States argued on the issue of federal authority and the future expansion it's country and slavery, but after receiving no conclusion the South decided to secede from the Union. And what thought was to last only a few months turn into a 4-year war.  A war to reunite a divided house, the battles that were fought, victories and incalculable losses and its people will not soon forget the sacrifices both Confederate and Union soldiers made.


The latest of many home video releases on the subject is this new commemoration of the 150th anniversary of one of America's most historical war over freedom, liberty and human rights from Mill Creek Entertainment. While not the first nor the last great American struggles, it had one of the greatest influences on its country and its people; if one single battle was lost we would have ended up a very different nation.  It tells the story of the battles between the troops, to conditions they faced, to the strategies between both North and South generals. While the South fought for their 'rights' to slavery which they claimed the Union had a 'duty' to protect, the North, the more industrialized states believed differently and that a nation under slavery would eventually compromise a nationís integrity. This commemoration includes the life and death of soldiers in the Armies, battles at the Potomac, Atlanta and Chickamauga. It also tells the history of the Civil War, with a personal diary from a Confederate Soldier, and who Abraham Lincoln was and how he reunited a nation.


If you like American history this film is a great one to add to your collection.  Various narrators tell the history, the story, and the lives of the Civil War through large-scale reenactments, old films and movies, and pictures. While talking on the life of soldier in the Civil War relied a bit too much on the reenactments and eventually got boring (it might have well just been an audio track), it could of used more things like equipments, maps and topographies to describe paths and routes of the armies and the reasons for it's successes or failures in battle, but the rest of the film was fine and it used various historical archival films and pictures telling both sides of the War as well as interesting facts about it and significant people in the war.



-†† Ricky Chiang


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