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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Britcom > French Fields: The Complete Collection (Acorn Media DVD Set)

French Fields: The Complete Collection (Acorn Media DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: C



The Fields just to moved to France!  After Williams was headhunted for a new job, it a chance to start fresh in the land of wine, cheese and French romance.  As they dust off their French phase books and their French, they meet new neighbors, friends and townspeople, and get ready live French style ...but will the French be ready for the Fields?  Anton Rodgers and Julia McKenzie play that couple on French Fields, a sequel to the Fresh Fields series.
With a William's new and better paying job, William and Hester decide to move across the channel to France.  And with the new house, and Hester is looking forward to all the shopping in France (to William's dismay).  They move in finding wonderful (and irritating) new neighbors.  As they try adapting to various French customs, their main problem is the language barrier; they struggle to communicate with their new neighbors their blunder with the language causes more than just a few misunderstandings.
This was a comical series, a tale of two old biddies trying living in the French countryside.  As the struggle to learn the ways of the French, they try to impress the French with their British ways, their mistakes and misunderstand however more often get them into trouble, but most of the time can be smoothed over with a bottle of scotch or wine.  There were actually characters that spoke fluent French, but part of the comedy was lost unless you could understood a bit of French and some of its culture and that holds back the show more than it should.
Chunnel Vision
William is offer the opportunity to work in France, unfortunately for him he forgot he had a diner appointment with his boss and ends up over eating.
William the Conquered
When William and Hester's daughter finds out about the new job and move, she doesn't want them to move, they must somehow convince her otherwise.
A Moving Experience
As William plans and organizes the move, all the various movers arrive early making a whole mess of the move.
Qu Est La Plumber de Ma Tarte?
Hester's worried about William having lunch with all his sexy French female co-workers, William's worried about Hester with all the sexy French male plumbers.
Who's Been Eating My Porridge?
Hester's desire for English cheese lands William in trouble with the customs agent.
Le Week-end
Emma and Peter come down to visit William and Hester.
Long Leggedy Beasties
A noisy scarecrow machine is causing the Fields sleepless nights, William complains to the mayor but.....
Inside Story
A French magazine reporter decides to write about the Fields but gets very different outlook on the British.
Sheep May Safely Gaze
Hester wins a live sheep, but now she refuses to send it to the butchers.
Home and Away
Hester and William go for a vacation on a barge, but then they are rained in.
Sale or Return
A fight between landlord and mayor breaks outs and the landlord decides to sell the land, and Hester and William finds themselves may be out of a home soon.
Double or Quit
An auction is going for the deed of the land, Hester want to win the auction but doesn't have enough money, but help comes from an unexpected source.
Noel, Noel
Hester and William just want to celebrate Christmas with the family but through a series of accidents they find themselves on opposite sides of the Channel for the holidays.
French with Tears
Hester overspending ways lands both her and William in jail.
The Merry Merry Pipes
Hester and William gets to have some 'fun' with some French plumbing.
Make for the Hills
Peter's parents comes for a visit and the Fields decide to go on a disastrous road trip.
Surprise Surprise
William tries to plan a surprise anniversary for Hester, but Hester thinks William is having an affair.
Darling Daughters
Hester having trouble with the Mayor's daughter and Emma is having a baby, and Hester is determined to be there.
Hail and Farewell
William is sacked and the Fields is contemplating to return to England.



Picture and sound are on par with the separate sets of the original show we reviewed elsewhere on this site and you can read more about them at these links:


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-   Ricky Chiang


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