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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Supernatural > Demons > Possession > Science Fiction > Vampire > The Vincent Price Double Feature: House On Haunted Hill/Last Man On Earth (Legend DVD)

The Vincent Price Double Feature: House On Haunted Hill/Last Man On Earth (Legend DVD)


Picture: C+    Sound: C+     Extras: B+     Movies: B



Presenting both “restored color” and black and white versions (of films shot in black and white) of The Last Man On Earth and House On Haunted Hill, the two-disc Vincent Price Double Feature delivers a lot of value.  In addition to having a choice between watching the colorized versions and the traditional b&w releases, fans can also activate a hilarious Mike Nelson (MST3K, Rifftrax) commentary for House on Haunted Hill.


House is indeed a film best watched while listening to Mr. Nelson’s funny and often biting ribbing of the rather threadbare script and weak special effects.  In it, Mr. price stars as a wealthy man who offers five people the chance to win $10,000 if they can survive a night in his haunted mansion.  Hey, it was 1958, and ten grand was a lot more money then!  Both guests and host get more than they bargained for in this schlocky fright-fest.


The real gem of this two-disc package is The Last Man On Earth, the first film adaptation of the classic Richard Matheson novel, I Am Legend.  This 1964 film could be considered the forerunner of the zombie apocalypse genre.  Four years before Night of the Living Dead this movie burst onto the scene with Mr. Price cast as Dr. Robert Morgan, the seeming sole survivor of an airborne plague that turns the world’s populace into blood-craving zombies.  By day, Morgan hunts them in their shelters across a ruined city, as they cannot abide the light.  By night, he shelters in his own home, now little more than a battered fortress against the walking dead. 


Price’s performance shows great range in this often underrated film. He is truly alone, missing his dead wife and daughter, and trying to fill his days and nights with some kind of hope for a future grows ever grimmer.  When he does find other signs of life, the momentary joy becomes tinged with tragedy.  In the end, Dr. Morgans leaves the world not the last man on Earth, but perhaps it’s eventual savior.


A fun feature with Mr. Price exploring the Western genre rounds out the offerings Last Man On Earth disc, and will give fans of one of Hollywood’s greatest horror actors even more reason to seek it out.  The folks at Legend Films made a very cagey decision in offering both colorized and traditional b&w on this set, and fans will not be disappointed on the quality of the restored images.


For more on this set and related releases, including the picture and sound quality details on this set, try this link:





-   Scott Pyle 


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