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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Adventure > Swords > History > Battles > Armies > War > Crusades > Slavery > Robin Of Sherwood: Set 2 (1983/Acorn Media U.S. Blu-ray Set)

Robin of Sherwood: Set 2 (1983/Acorn Media U.S. Blu-ray Set)


Picture: B-     Sound: B     Extras: A     Episodes: B+



Life and death in Sherwood Forest have never felt more real than while watching Robin of Sherwood.  The atmospheric and brooding series continues with Set 2 (featuring the episodes that comprise Series 3).  As the first episode opens we see a quick recap of the tumultuous events that ended Series 2, including the death of the title character!  Michael Praed’s Robin Hood suffers fatal wounds at the hands of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s (Nickolas Grace) men, and his not-so-merry band of followers disbands and scatters to the countryside and beyond.  


Continuing with the quasi-mystical themes and moody music of the previous series, this set of thirteen episodes develops Robin’s eventual replacement, the noble but reluctant Robert of Huntingdon (Jason Connery).  After rescuing the merry men at the end of series two, Robert rejects the Herne, a mystical pagan spirit of the forest who acts as his guide. Eventually, circumstances drive the young noble back toward this destiny, and Robert takes up the mantle of the “hooded man” and becomes the new Robin Hood.  This action plays out over the course of the first two episodes of series three, Herne's Son (Part 1) and Herne's Son (Part 2). 


Robert Addie plays the villainous Guy of Gisbourne, and had the series continued, the plot would have woven his character’s background more tightly with that of Robert of Huntingdon’s.  Mr. Addie’s performance in a supporting role is superlative, and reinforces why he worked so well with John Boorman as Mordred in Excalibur.  Excellent casting like this marks just one of the ways the show maintains its high quality throughout its run.


This excellent quality and care seen in the previous two series (also available from Acorn Media as the Set 1 boxed set, reviewed elsewhere on this site, including an import version and the original DVD set)  remains present in this third, and sadly, final series of the show.  Wonderfully authentic costumes, weapons, and locations all blend with the solid performances of the cast to maintain this show’s reputation as the definitive take on the Robin Hood legend.  The music of Clannad adds tremendous texture and atmosphere to each episode, giving the show an authentic feel.  The music blends especially well with quasi-mystical scenes featuring the pagan spirit Herne. 


This four disc set features over nine hours of special features.  Included in the mix are nine episode commentaries, a 400 image photo gallery, music tracks from three episodes, a 76 minute documentary about the Making of Series 3, an interview with members of Clannad, outtakes, promotional shorts, and more duiplicating the U.K. Blu-ray set from Network U.K. and the previous Acorn U.S. DVD Set.


Although financial woes in the movie industry ultimately doomed this excellent show, series three at least leaves the show on a high note.  Mr. Connery wins back his not so merry men and takes up the struggle for justice for the common folk.  Although sometimes tinged with shades of gray, the bad guys are mostly pretty villainous, playing their roles to the hilt.  One could have seen the show going forward with at least another one or two series, but fans will have to content themselves with these excellent Blu-ray compilations.  Set 2 makes a fitting finish for what remains the definitive take on the Robin Hood legend.



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-   Scott Pyle


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