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Danny Phantom Season 2: Part 1 (Shout! Factory DVD)


Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: D Episodes: B+



Danny was just a regular boy until he walked into his parent's ghost machine, and turned him into a superpowered teen ghost. Now with his best friends, Sam and Tucker they work together to send fight the forces of evil and to send them back to the ghost realm in Season 2 of Danny Phantom. Everyone knows ghosts exists in this storyline, so Danny and his friends must work even harder to stop them from taking over the human world and send them back to the ghost realm. Not to mention keep his secret identity, but with Jasmine already knowing Danny is Danny Phantom, how long can they keep this a secret from their ghost hunting parents?
This is a great cartoon to watch, a teenage kid with super ghost powers. As the main character's ghost powers grow, he learns there is more to it than having superpowers and at times teamwork, family and friendship are the true source of his powers. In this half-season. even more bad guys show up and sometimes he even has to team up with a former enemy to stop the new threat. Get ready for another season of spooky fun!

Episode 1: Reign Storm: Part 1
Vlad steal the Ghost King's ring and wakes a new terror into the world.
Episode 2: Reign Storm: Part 2
The entire town is trapped by the Ghost King, only Danny and his Father's new power suit can save the day.
Episode 3: Doctor's Disorder
A Ghost bug is making kids sick and giving them ghost powers.
Episode 4: Identity Crisis
Technus breaks free, Danny splits into multiple versions of himself.
Episode 5: Fenton Menace
Danny sees a ghost that no one else can see, is it real or is he going crazy?
Episode 6: Pirate Radio
Ghost Pirates are taking over the air waves and the minds of the adults.
Episode 7: The Fright Before Christmas
Danny is a Christmas Scrooge, this time it's the ghosts that teaches about having Christmas spirit.
Episode 8: Micro Management
Danny and Dash are shrunk and must work together to defeat Skulker.
Episode 9: Master of All Time
Danny goes back in time to change the future, but get unexpected results.
Episode 10: Beauty Marked
Danny gets to be a judge at a school beauty contest, girls can be way scarier than ghosts.



= Ricky Chiang


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