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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Politics > Spin City The Complete 6th Season (2001 2002/Shout! Factory DVD Set)

Spin City The Complete 6th Season (2001 2002/Shout! Factory DVD Set)


Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: C+



Welcome back to Spin City, as we pick up on Season Six, Mayor Randall continue his tenure with his trusty deputy-mayor, Charlie Crawford (Charlie Sheen) and rest of the Mayor's entourage. They run city hall and help keep the Mayor's image from falling down, but behind closed city hall office doors all sorts of shenanigans are happening. As Mayor Randall runs for re-election, Mike (Michael J. Fox) comes back and faces off with Charlie in both position and as Caitlin's ex boyfriend, putting Charlie under a competitive heat. It's the final big send off for Spin City and what happens to everyone.
In this Final Season, we get re-election, love, romance and revelations for all the characters. As the competition for re-election goes on it all rules are thrown out the window, including getting dirt on other team, sleeping with the enemy, and even getting Randall in a dress, but with all the politics and relationships going on, Charlie and Caitlin begin to realize their feelings toward each other, and Carter becomes an adoptive father.
Spin City is a comical drama, making fun of government figures, stereotypes, office politics, romance and much more. The cast feature a rich (but clueless) mayor, a shrewd (playboy) deputy major, a sexy campaign manager, an idiotic loudmouth press secretary, a perverted chief of staff and a gay black man with minority relations, together the form a funny political team often getting on each other nerves and interfering with each other's personal agendas, but in the end they are more like family to each other, accepting each others faults and all.

The Arrival
Mike is back in town and the Mayor is caught with a Judge in a scandal.
A Tree Falls in Manhattan
When the Mayor cuts down a historical tree it becomes a PR nightmare.
Wife With Mikey
Mike is butting in on Charlie's job and the Mayor is in a dress.
The Apartment
The Mayor needs a place to hide from the public and decides to use Charlie's apartment.
Yet Another Stakeout
The Mayor's rival fights dirty and the team fights back with dirt on him.
Yeah, Baby!
Carter having a baby, but maybe it's Stuart's baby.
Sleeping With the Enemy
Charlie is sleeping with Wheeler's Campaign Manager.
She's Gotta Habit
Jen reveals she was formerly bisexual, getting Charlie's panties all in a bunch.
The Wedding Scammer
Caitlin asks Charlie to pretend to be her boyfriend to trick her mother.
Fight Flub
The guys all realize how out of shape they are and decide to workout.
The re-election comes down to a showdown in Chinatown.
An Office and Gentleman
Charlie must choose an office for someone and Stuart is un-used to being a gentleman in a relationship.
O Mother! Where Art Thou
The Mayor is seeing a woman who has his mother's heart from a transplant.
Rags to Riches
Carter's dog, Rags dies and Charlie's con man father come into town.
Sex, Lies and Video Date
The Mayor's niece comes into town, tempting Charlie for all his worth.
Eyes Wide Open
Charlie teaches a young boy about the opposite gender and loses a boy's virginity.
Age Against the Machine
Charlie realizes he can no longer stay up for all night dance parties.
An Affair to Remember
Caitlin reminisces her college days and realizes she met Charlie years ago.
Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
Charlie and Caitlin dance around and toward each other.
Look Who's Not Talking
Charlie and Caitlin are finally a couple, but now how to tell the others?
A Tale of Four Cities
The Mayor competes with a rival on who has the best 'sister' city.
A Friend in Need
Charlie and Caitlin's shenanigans get caught on tape.



- Ricky Chiang


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