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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Designing Women The Complete Fifth Season (1990 1991/Shout! Factory DVD)

Designing Women The Complete Fifth Season (1990 1991/Shout! Factory DVD)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: C+

Welcome back Sugarbakers Inc. and the four charming southern ladies with new laughs and changes who are the company. As each one chases their own dreams and goals, they remain the strong independent working/designing woman of Sugarbakers. Mary Jo, the single working mother, Charlene, the military wife, Suzanne, always on the look out for her next sugar daddy, Julia, their fearless leader and their friend Anthony, a formerly wrongly imprisoned ex-convict. Together they enter their 5th year of business of designing homes for the wealthy.
In the Fifth Season of Designing Women, new things are happening, including Anthony becoming a fulltime member of the Sugarbakers (to Suzanne's dismay). As Charlene waits for Bill, her husband to return from the war she enrolls in the local college. Mary Jo contemplates on having a man in her life but settles on wanting another baby. And as Suzanne continues her mayhem (and lack of work) Julia holds them all together when all else fails, reminding them they are Sugarbaker women and they can do anything as long as they are together.
This was a great comical series, thought I felt they could of just called the show independent woman, but that would of sounded a bit less catchy. The characters have their strengths and weaknesses but they balance each other out. Julia the leader often serves as the voice of reason for the group. Her sister Suzanne is the spoiled rich girl but in times of trouble she knows more things important than money. Charlene is the air-head clueless wife but is balanced out by her best friend Mary Jo who is the down to earth, struggling single mom. In all this show is geared for a more teenage/adult minded comedy making fun of working women and society in general.
A Blast From the Past
The Sugarbaker's house becomes part of historical inaccurate tour.
Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Anthony gets an unexpected visit from his long lost father on his 30th Birthday.
Working Mother
Charlene wants to take a year off to raise her child.
Miss Trial
Julia is forced to jury duty after skipping out the last 3 times.
Charlene Buys a House
Charlene buys a haunted house and invites the girls over for a sleepover.
Old Rebels and Young Models
Charlene's baby auditions to be a model baby.
Nowhere To Run To
Mary Jo's idea of exercise turns Julia into a running fiend.
A Class Act
Charlene returns to college under a perverted professor.
Keep the Home Fires Burning
While waiting for her husband return from the Gulf War, Charlene dreams of herself in WWII.
My Daughter, Myself
Mary Jo finds out her daughter is dating a man that's old enough to be her father.
And Now, Here's Bernice
Bernice get to put on a TV talk show, now she only needs a scandal.
Pearls of Wisdom
Mary Jo looses Suzanne's thousand dollars pearls in an all you can eat salad bar.
High Noon in the Laundry Room
Anthony's laundry room is taken over by a bunch of loud group of thugs.
How Long has this Been Going On?
Julia seems to have been moonlighting as a night club singer.
The Emperor's New Nose
Bernice gets a new nose that makes her look like a pig.
Maybe Baby
Mary Jo wants to have another baby and Suzanne tries to loose weight by smoking.
This is Art?
Julia's bag gets mistaken for an overpriced art piece.
Blame It On New Orleans
The business meeting in New Orleans brings out the girls wild side, Mary Jo has a fling with a married man.


I'll See You in Court
Mary Jo take a man to court for mugging her.


The Big Circle
After Julia's best friend dies, the girls try to get her to move on.


Friends and Husbands
Bill returns from the Gulf War, but Mary Jo doesn't get the hint Charlene and Bill wants some 'alone' time.


Anthony gets into a Golf Club that Suzanne really want.


The Pride of the Sugarbakers
The Sugarbakers sponsor a little league team, but they haven't won a single game.


Picture and sound are the same as the previous sets reviewed on this site and there are no extras.



- Ricky Chiang


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