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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Webster – Season Three (1985 – 1986/Shout! Factory DVD Set)

Webster – Season Three (1985 – 1986/Shout! Factory DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: C+



Webster Long is back with his new adoptive family in Season Three of the remarkably successful show.  Along with George and Katherine, Webster and his adopted family is filled with laughter and life lessons.  Raising Webster with his young views of the world watching, he brings out the best in all those around him.  He reminds us no matter how small we there is nothing more important than family; that even the smallest boy can have the biggest heart of all.
For those unfamiliar, former pro football player George Papadopolis and socialite Katherine Papadopolis certainly have their hands full with raising their adopted son Webster, but along with the aid of their landlords Bill and Cassie, Webster's Uncle Phillip, and Papa Papadopolis, George's father, this extended family is ready for anything, from family outings to life lessons everything revolves around the love of Webster that brings them all together.


This was a heartwarming series from the 1980s that is good for the entire family. Along with the comical situations the characters end up in (and with Webster’s usually finding the solution) the series told stories that taught strong family values, the importance of truth, and honesty and even dealt with social problems such as divorce, family disfunctionalities, and truancies.  In all, it not only teaches child how to follow your dreams and make choices but how parents to raise kids as well.
Episode 1: How the West Once Was (Part One)
George, Katherine and Webster goes on vacation out West, it is nothing like George remembers.
Episode 2: How the West Once Was (Part Two)
Webster catches a legendary horse Moon Hunter, but does he have the heart to set him free?
Episode 3: And Baby Makes Breakfast
Webster plays the roles of parents for a school assignment.
Episode 4: Big Problems
Webster makes a new 'large' friend.
Episode 5: Alien
After reading the tabloids, Webster thinks he is an alien from Saturn.
Episode 6: Parent Trap
Webster trades role and place with George and Katherine.
Episode 7: Good Grief
Katherine's mother dies and Webster reminds her how she was there for him for when his died.
Episode 8: One More Shot
Webster and George goes to New York to watch the Knicks game.
Episode 9: Great Expectations (Part One)
Webster visits his Uncle Phil in Hollywood.
Episode 10: Great Expectations (Part Two)
Webster learns not everything in Hollywood is bright and shinning.
Episode 11: Who's to Blame
Thieves break into the Papadopolis home.
Episode 12: Chained
Webster gets a chain letter and believes it brings him bad luck.
Episode 13: The Triangle
A simple picture makes it look like Bill and Katherine are having an affair.
Episode 14: The Truth Hurts
Katherine gets an ugly dress from Webster but doesn't have the heart to tell him.
Episode 15: Hello, I Must Be Going
Katherine's Aunt Charlotte comes for a visit.
Episode 16: That's Rich
George, Katherine and Webster plays the lottery.
Episode 17: TV or Not TV
Webster gets the chance to be a junior sports cast reporter.
Episode 18: Borrowed Time
Rob's Mom and Dad fight over the divorce and who gets Rob.
Episode 19: A Friend In Need
Webster visits kids in the hospital who have cancer.
Episode 20: Love Papadopolis Style
Webster has his first crush.
Episode 21: Almost Home
Webster visits his old foster home.
Episode 22: Farewell to Arms
Webster is interested in guns.
Episode 23: There Goes the Bride
Katherine and Aunt Charlotte talk about their dream wedding.
Episode 24: Gotcha
George wants to know what everyone got for his birthday.
Episode 25: My Family's Honor
Bill wants to know more sports trivia.
Episode 26: Special Delivery
The new maid has an unexpected delivery in George's house.
Episode 27: Cuckoo's Nest
Katherine brings her psychology clients home.
Episode 28: Rear View Mirror (Part One)
Webster reminisces about the past year's trips.
Episode 29: Rear View Mirror (Part Two)
Webster and Papa wait for news on George and Katherine who are caught in a hurricane.


Picture and sound are the same as the previous set reviewed on this site and there are no extras.



-   Ricky Chiang


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