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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Nature > Water > Oceans > Ecosystem > Sea LIfe > Environment > Science > Geology > Mini-Series > The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection - Planet Earth/Galapagos/Wild China/Ganges Blu-ray Box Set

The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection - Planet Earth/Galapagos/Wild China/Ganges Blu-ray Box Set


Picture: A-†††† Sound: A-†††† Extras: A†††† Collection: A



Watch the best of BBC's Natural History series in high definition now all in one great package. This series is filled with beautiful grand vistas of the beauty of nature and it's animals. See the worlds where humans have rarely seen or gone; cute, strange and amazing animals and how they can survive where humans fear to go. The vicious elements, natural predators, and the changing climate of the Earth are what make things so beautiful and deadly at the same time.
Now see as if creatures and places were there in your own home, with high definition Bu-ray quality it brings the wild life to you. BBC does a wonderful narration combined with amazing cinematography of the hard to reach places of the world.They explain how life can exist, it harshness, how life is born to how it dies and from to the next generation that replaces it. In an ever expanding human world, we forget that there are other creatures and worlds that we share this planet earth with, its delicate balance and how we are all connected to it.
This is totally a worth collecting and adding to anyone's collection, and definitely worth the Blu-ray experience. Get Planet Earth, Galapagos, Wild China and Ganges all in one great box set, a 10 disc set. It explains the history of life on this planet and how we as humans should be more aware of it, how much we really need/depend on nature and are connected to it. We must take care of our own nature or we might cause some life/lifeforms to be forever lost before we even know it unless we do something to save them.

Planet Earth - See from pole to pole, the forest, deserts, mountains and seas, how this world is teaming full of life. How motherhood is universal, and the strength and amazing abilities life has adapted to the various terrains this world has to offer.
Galapagos - Visit a chain of island where Charles Darwin came visited and inspired him to write his 'Origin of Species'. The wondrous life that has survived on each island, each island a different environment and how same species can have different evolutionary paths.
Wild China - One of the greatest populations in the world, in a world ever demanding to support it's billions of people, China has developed an interesting relationship with it's natural surroundings/ecosystem, but with modern lifestyles various spaces/creatures are bringing to overlap and even pushed out.
Ganges - One of the largest rivers in the world with most densely pact areas with humans, the life on the Ganges is completely dependent on the seasonal cycles of the river. Each year it carries millions of tons of rich silt/mineral deposits down the river, making it possible for plant, animal and human life to survive. It is so important it is not only central to life, but seen and respected as a religious deity, but how long will life remain if we do not respect taking care of such an important resource?



This is a re-promotion of this really exceptional Blu-ray set from the BBC we previously reviewed with some other like titles at this link:




This is also one of the best box sets and titles I have seen to date and I can see why the BBC is so bog on giving more recent Blu-ray converts the chance to enjoy it.Donít miss it!



-†† Ricky Chiang


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