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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Action > Adventure > Science Fiction > Animated > Planet Hulk, Invincible Iron Man, Doctor Strange 3 Animated Movie Collection (Marvel/Lionsgate DVD)

Planet Hulk, Invincible Iron Man, Doctor Strange 3 Animated Movie Collection (Marvel/Lionsgate DVD)


Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: D Films: B+



NOTE: This is one of two new compilation reissues of animated Marvel Comic titles Lionsgate has put together as the live-action Avengers film is released to record box office, so this is one of two such reviews including multiple links to our previous coverage of these titles on Blu-ray and DVD, all now available.



Now catch three animated superhero films in one set. Our first look at a recent Hulk adventure and the new stories for Iron Man and Doctor Strange. The Hulk finds himself a slave on an alien planet and must fight in Gladiator rings for survival. Tony Stark after learn of an ancient prophecy of the return of the Mandarin, Tony invents Iron Man to fight his elemental minions and forces. Doctor Steven Strange never believe in things beyond science, but after a fateful accident leaving him a cripple he would do anything to heal himself, but he soon learns there more at stake than his hands.
Based loosely on the comic Planet Hulk, this animated version tells the tale of how the Hulk went from slave to King of a planet (also he was more intelligent than most versions of Hulk). A new origins story for Iron Man, Tony Stark billionaire and inventor takes it on himself stop the mystic forces of the Mandarin, the sorcerer, but can technology defeat ancient primal forces of the earth, wind, fire and water? The prideful Steven Strange is humbled when he loses his hands as a doctor, and seeks anyway to heal to regain what he lost, but when he learns of magic and mysticism he learns there is a larger world out there than those in the hospitals.
Planet Hulk
After not knowing how to stop the raging Hulk, the heroes of Earth decide to send Hulk to an uninhabited planet, but when the ship goes off course, The Hulk finds himself on a planet ruled by a cruel Red King. Back on earth they called him a monster, but here they call him their savior. A solid if unusual Hulk entry, it is also on Blu-ray.

The Invincible Iron Man
While raising a long lost city in China, Tony Stark accidentally unleashes the Mandarin. Now he must use his wealth and technology to stop this ancient sorcerer from the past as the Invincible Iron Man.









Doctor Strange
After desperately searching the world for a cure to save his crushed hands, Doctor Steven Strange turns to the mysticism in Tibet monks. There, he learns the secrets of magic and how they are holding evil forces from entering this dimension, but to his surprise he is to become the next Sorcerer Supreme.


Blu-ray/DVD Combo




For more Iron Man, here is our coverage of the Australian import Blu-ray/DVD version of the animated Armored Adventures series slowly arriving in a different form in the U.S.:






- Ricky Chiang


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