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Category:    Home > Reviews > Mystery > Detective > Drama > Action > Crime > British TV > Dalziel & Pascoe: Seasons 4 & 5 (1999 2000/BBC DVD Sets)

Dalziel & Pascoe: Seasons 4 & 5 (1999 2000/BBC DVD Sets)


Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: C+



Superintendent Andy Dalziel and his aide Inspector Peter Pascoe are the policeman to go to when murder is at hand. They take the hard cases that no one else can solve (or wants to solve), from legendary cursed murderous fairytales to terrorists. They don't care if MI-5 or politicians are involved they'll show (asides from a pint of ale or a blonde bombshell), nothing keeps them down from finding out who is the murder in Dalziel & Pascoe.
Dalziel is large and in charge, scorned by those above him and considered a task master to those beneath him, he makes all the decisions while he makes Inspector Pascoe do all the running around and legwork. While not the most in shape detective he is the sharpest, his record is so good for solving cases he forgiven for his various vices, including drinking, smoking and womanizing. Meanwhile as Inspector Pascoe comes to work and respect Dalziel but he tries to get out of his shadow, all the meanwhile trying saving his marriage in his spare time and solve cases.
This is another BBC mystery series, so if you like murder and a Sherlock Holmes and Watson duo, that pretty much sums up the series relationship-wise. The main characters are two underdog policeman while told to solve tough cases, they hindered by their superiors and red tape, and robbed of the glory when solved they solve the case, but to them, catching the bad guy is all the reward they ever need.
On Beulah Height
Dalziel is given a cold case of missing children, but his only lead is an old story children fairytale of a creature called the Nix. He inspects the small village discovering it's old secrets that was thought buried away years ago.


Recalled to Life
Dalziel's old mentor's honor and reputation is threatened when a murderer is released after 35 years in prison, who might of been wrongfully convicted. As he reopens the case he can only hope to solve the case before MI-5 kills all those who were involved.


Time to Go
Dalziel and Pascoe must solve a murder in a rave club, but no one is willing to come out because of all the drugs. A pair of twins play mind games with the police, are they high or just hiding the truth?


The British Grenadier
An old war veteran with a bad temper and a gun gets into a row with his wife, it ends badly when he shoots someone and turns it into a hostage situation, include Dalziel as one of the hostages.


A Sweeter Lazarus
A young homeless woman is a witness to a case, but when she reveals herself to be a dead girl from a case that Dalziel closed 18 years ago Dalziel is determined to get to find out who she is.


Cunning Old Fox
A young woman from a high society fox hunting club is found dead in a horse riding accident, was it really an accident or set up by anti-hunting locals or someone with a darker motive?


Foreign Bodies
Dalziel is visiting an old flame, all her ex husbands were rich... and dead.


Above the Law
When it's an election year and politics are involved, anything but the truth comes to the surface. Dalziel must deal with rich, powerful and corrupt who have greased many hands including his higher ups.



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- Ricky Chiang


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