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Judge John Deed: Season 5 (2005/BBC DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: C+



Judge John Deed is the best judge in the High Court; he deals with cases that attract the media and challenges the law, rules that defend the guilty.  His ability to look all the evidence with a cool mind and heart without ever getting involved places him above the law.  Judge Deed inspires those who worked with him but is scorned by politicians and policy makers for finding holes and fallacies with rules
He is also a judge who can't be bribed, a lawman that upholds justice, a champion to the weak, a terror to the corrupt.  His main problem lies not with all his cases but the Home Secretary who fears him for uncovering his connection to corrupt business men and politics that favor the rich or powerful.  However, the same can not be said of John Deeds personal life, behind closed doors is a maze of affairs and drama, including his ex-wife, current lover and even his own daughter in his court.
This is like a British version of courtroom drama, the series focus on tantalizing cases that reporters would have a field day with, but along with all that is all the drama of politics of relationships.  Almost any time any of the characters say 'You want to have diner with me?' it might as well be asking them to have sex with them, but in the end you almost always have to admire the way rule of law and point and case which concludes each case when the judge makes the final decision.
Hard Gating
A black prisoner is found cannibalized by a racist roommate, question is did the prisoner guards organize this with a more sinister purpose?


My Daughter, Right or Wrong
Judge Deed must discover if a young man is responsible for bombing an animal research lab.  Unfortunately, for him, his daughter has taken to defending his case and top it off MI-5 is involved.


Lost Youth
Judge John Deed is at wits end with two children court cases, one for stealing and another for is it right to keep children alive if doctors have giving up on them?  But when one is found dead because of the current laws, John Deed is determined to save the other.


Silent Killer
A case of government spending and technology has cause poisoning and deaths of people, as the higher ups tried to hide and cover up their connections, they blackmail the victims involved to withdraw their cases to prevent them from suing them and a PR disaster.



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-   Ricky Chiang


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