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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Satire > Horror > Teens > Breaking Wind (Lionsgate DVD)

Breaking Wind (Lionsgate DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: C     Extras: C     Feature: C+



The drama continues between Edward, Bella and Jacob, who gets to take Bella home, but when Victoria returns when a 'noob' vampire army for her revenge, Edward and Jacob must set aside their differences to protect Bella by 'breaking wind'.  Breaking Wind is the recent odd send-up of the Twilight films, as if they needed spoofing.


Needless to say this is a gross parody/comedy of the movie series as Bella continues to be torn between Edward and Jacob, she worries about Edward's relationship with her grandmother.  Meanwhile, Jacob and his pack share stories about the cold ones who look and dress like terrible versions Johnny Depp characters.  The only way to distract, throw off these vampires off Bella's scent is to break wind, and Bella has worst wind of all.  


From the people who brought you Scary Movie, they take the hit movies and turn it in the most disgusting comedic version you could think possible.  Be warned: this is NOT for kids, there is strong and crude language, and gross sexual content, including midgets, male genitals, and gross body functions.  The characters, while generally true to the story, makes fun of other hit movies/characters that came out the last few years as usual for the team who made this.  It looks fair, but sound is middling.  Extras include commentary with writer/director, behind the scenes interviews, heartwarming embrace of Edward and Jacob, and trailers.



-   Ricky Chiang


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