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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Cable > Teens > Victorious - Season 1, Volume 2 + Season 2 (Nickelodeon DVD Sets)

Victorious - Season 1, Volume 2 + Season 2 (Nickelodeon DVD Sets)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: B+



From going to school to getting on stage, Tori and her friends are the new hopefuls to become Hollywood's next superstars.  As these teenage stars will take any spotlight they can get, from private parties, reality shows to international incidents, as Hollywood Arts teaches them how to shine and reach for the stars, they will go anywhere.  As much as their creativity for entertainment gets them into trouble, they find there is nothing that can't be solved with song, dance and music. 


Victorious is a teen drama, a fantasy high school of arts for talented potential teens to learn how to look, act, move, talk and think like movie stars.  Tori is an up coming rising star in the famous Hollywood Arts High School after taking the place of her less talented (and narcissist) older sister.  She surrounded by her friends/entourage/rivals including Andre, her best friend musician/song writer, Robbie & Rex the ventriloquist, Cat the cute-but-air-headed girl, Jade a dark Goth girl, and Beck, Jade's hot boyfriend.  All of them together at the Hollywood Arts have plans to take the world by storm. 


This is a sitcom about teenage dreams of becoming a super star/pop idol. In a lot a ways it reminds me of the show Big Time Rush, but instead of hot four guys it is a hot girl and her friends. As they awkwardly make their way into the Hollywood shows and night life, their friendships push each other towards their dreams (and closer to each other).  Extras include behind the scenes, secrets with Victoria Justice, music videos and bloopers. 


The Diddly-Bops

The team does song and dance for a children's band as a favor for Sikowitz, but when it goes on-line does it make them famous or in-famous?


Cat's New Boyfriend

Cat's new boyfriend turns out to be Tori's ex-boyfriend, can Tori take it in stride or will there be trouble in paradise?


Sleepover at Sikowitz's

The group has a competition for method acting, the first one to act out of character loses. 


The Wood

A reality show is filming at the school, but can it be a show if none of it is real?


The Great Ping-Pong Scam

Tori wants to be in on the Ping-Pong Club, but what secret does it hide , turns out it's a night out of town to the fanciest restaurant in town. 


Wok Star

Tori needs to find a sponsor for Jade's play, but when sponsor wants to make some changes to the play, sparks begin to fly. 


Survival of the Hottest

A heat wave hits town, so Tori and the gang hit the beach. But things get hotter when they end up trapped in Beck's RV. As they bake they search for a way out.


Wi-Fi in the Sky

Tori is stuck on a plane and must finish a school project over wi-fi video chat, but unfortunately she is stuck with Trina and a bratty kid behind her. 


Freak the Freak Out

Two girls get Cat and Jade banned just because their father owns the Karaoke bar, it up to Tori to get revenge for them. 


Beck Falls for Tori

Tori is to do be a stunt double for a show, but when she loses her nerve Beck takes her place... in a skirt! 


Helen Back Again

There's a new principal for Hollywood Arts and all the students have to redo their auditions in order to stay in school.


Locked Up (TV Movie)

Tori and company goes to Yerba for a summer trip, turns out it's in the middle of a civil war and they all end up in prison. Can Tori sing her way out of this one?


Tori Gets Stuck

Jade wants Tori's role in the school play and will do anything to make sure Tori isn't able to make it on stage. 


Tori Tortures Teacher

The kids take Sikowitz out for his 10th anniversary as a teacher, but it back fires and sends him into a depression. 


Jade Gets Crushed

Andre teams up to Jade, but ends up finding out he might have a crush on her. 


Who Did it to Trina?

Trina ends up in a stage accident, everyone is suspect.


Beggin' On Your Knees

The cutest boy in school want to go out with Tori, but turns out he is using her just to get good grades.


Ice Cream for Ke$ha

Tori is forced to be Trina's slave for a month, the only way for her to get out of it is to win a private Ke$ha concert for her. 


Prom Wrecker

Tori want to hold the first prom ever at Hollywood Arts, but when it collides with Jade's plans, Jade wants some payback.


Terror on Cupcake Street

Tori and the gang make a gigantic cupcake for a parade, but it then breaks down in Hollywood's worst neighborhood.



-   Ricky Chiang


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