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Stuck On You


Picture: B-†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: A-†††† Film: B-


Here we have the latest Farrelly Brotherís movie. A comedy that is best when you forget how formulaic it really is for this team of moviemakers. They have had many more standout jokes in the past, but their movies have always been hit or miss affair. Just look at Kingpin (something you should find sitting in a bargain DVD bin) and Something About Mary (possibly the best from the brothers - hopefully its fate remains away from those same bins).Now, we get Stuck On You (2003).

I will admit to being somewhat surprised by this movie. After initially seeing the ads, it seemed to me like this may have been the recycled further adventures of Harry and Lloyd from Dumb And Dumber, proving their stupidity by getting stuck together. However, Bob and Walt are clearly distanced from the aforementioned characters. Their disability is something theyíve grown to live with over time (and even use to their advantage in most situations), rather than something sprung onto them that theyíd be forced to cope with and resolve.

Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear make this movie fun to watch, even though laughs take a backseat to the storytelling. Unable to separate from one another without a life risk, Bob and Walt Tenor remain conjoined. This doesnít stop them from living life to the fullest, and neither holds the other one back from their goals in life. While they both seem to have a knack for sports, Bob edges out on top in this area. Walt, on the other hand, has a love for the theater and wishes to branch out to Hollywood. Here they meet an array of famous faces and Walt happens into a starring role on a new TV show.

I do appreciate the story for being something different - itís a rare thing for lighthearted movies to touch on disabilities. I donít see any problems when these movies are made - usually it does no damage to anyone actually in the situations. One recent movie that received some backlash from certain groups because of its content was Bubble Boy. I can safely say that the movie was in no way offensive or derogatory to anyone confined to plastic enclosures. Yet, there were some overly sensitive audiences who took it as poking fun at the expense of those in a similar plight. To my knowledge, nothing along those lines has happened with this film, but you can see why there is less incentive for studios to fund something that could upset some potential audience members.

As far as the quality of the disc itself, the picture and sound arenít quite optimal. When you consider that this is a new, major studio DVD presented in widescreen; the picture lacks the greater definition you might expect.The anamorphically enhanced 2.35 X 1 image has dulled colors and detail limits, while the Dolby Digital 5.1 AC-3 mix is not as clear as the sound mix was theatrically either.

The bonus features meet the usual standards; though the commentary track doesnít serve much of a purpose, other than to name most of the extras in the cast during any given scene. Those who arenít connected to someone involved in the film can skip listening to it without worry. One interesting thing pointed out on the commentary track is a ghostly face that can be found under the bed during the opening scene. If your screen is set a bit dark, itíll take some searching to find it. It seems that it was inserted as a gag, but people can draw their own conclusions.

Stuck On You isnít the wreck some make it out to be. There is an audience for this film, and I think that most people will enjoy it on some level. If you canít stand the brotherís other movies out there, donít expect to be swayed in favor of them with this movie. I, myself, never had a problem with the team until recently hearing that theyíll be responsible for whatever comes from the new take on The Three Stooges. Letís collectively hope that they donít destroy a comedy classic by forging it into something entirely different than the original.


- ††David Milchick


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