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Category:    Home > Reviews > Murder > Thriller > Slasher > Killer > Mystery > Removal (2010/Archstone Entertainment/Lionsgate DVD)

Removal (2010/Archstone Entertainment/Lionsgate DVD)


Picture: C†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: B†††† Film: C+



After working an entire week of overtime Cole finds himself suddenly called out to the middle of nowhere to singly clean an impossible job overnight... He just really wants to go home and rest... but the job offers $5,000 bonus cash off the books.Tempted by a rich man's offer he decides to take the job, but the more he cleans the more it looks like this man killed his wife and he has been hired to clean up for him. As fatigue and hallucinations begin to take hold of him, he begins to have flashbacks of his own trauma, is he helping hiding a crime scene?


Nick Simonís Removal (2010) has former mental patient Cole at a point of no return.After getting divorced, losing his job he is working a carpet cleaning job. One year later, overworked, tired and out of medication, he is given one more job which reminds him of his former life. A rich man, Henry, wants his house cleaned overnight and is willing to pay extra cash for it. As Cole cleans, mysterious red stains, and lifts heavy crates that can fit a body he suspects more and more there is no extra payment and Henry is just going to kill him after he is finished. Will he really get paid or will there just be another body to bury? 


If there is a character with psychological problems with trauma and hallucinations always suspect what is real and what is not. Turns out the main character Cole is presented as part of the twist in this 2.35 X 1 widescreen production.While most clues hint there could be a murder it is not definite murder, it could be all really something else, it builds up the mystery until the end truth finally surfaces in the final scene.Picture and sound could have been better, but this is a DVD. Extras include deleted scenes, alternate opening, gag reel, and trailer gallery.



-†† Ricky Chiang


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