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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Melodrama > Cable Telefilm > Gone (2011/Lifetime/A&E DVD)

Gone (2011/Lifetime/A&E DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Telefilm: C+



Amy's daughter is kidnapped from school.  Now, an unknown caller says she must kill an unconscious patient in her hospital or she will never see her daughter alive again.  Any calls to the police or anyone else will result in her daughter's immediate death.  Haunted by her past, Amy is a victim of rape and going through a divorce.  Now she find she must become an accomplice to a murder to save her daughter... but when things start going wrong she find out there is more than her daughter's life at stake, and corruption from the police to the top city officials are involved. Who is the man and why do they want him dead so badly?


Gone has Amy as a traumatized victim survivor, however that is all.  Other than taking care of herself, she is fixated on defending herself and even buying a gun, but all that is put to the test when her daughter is taken away from her.  The hospital where she works has recently taken in a reporter who has evidence that top city officials and cops have been stealing the vaccine from the plague ridden city to sell on the black market.  Now they want silence the reporter... and who better to do it than a nurse who works at the hospital?  Things rapidly get out of hand when Amy discovers the truth and a hitman is sent to the hospital to silence her afterwards. 


A traumatize mother (who's taken self defense courses and been to the gun range) is placed into danger along with her daughter when she get caught in a city wide conspiracy.  Of that was not enough, then she realizes she is responsible for an entire city when it's vaccine is stolen.  It's fight or flight, will she show the most dangerous thing to do is to come between a mother and it's child?  It's a story of corruption and desperation in where no one can be trusted, even the cops, and the supposed good guys might really a bad guy.  Too bad it is so convoluted and overdone.



-   Ricky Chiang


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