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Category:    Home > Reviews > Science Fiction > Action > Adventure > Time Travel > British TV > Doctor Who: The Three Doctors (Story No. 65/BBC DVD)

Doctor Who: The Three Doctors (Story No. 65/BBC DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: A+     Episodes: A



While it hasn’t happened recently, past Doctors have been teaming up for years.  These team-ups were always highly touted and special events in the life of the classic Doctor Who show.  The Three Doctors” (story no. 65) kicks off the show’s tenth season and runs four episodes.  While the title suggests equal participation from all three Doctors (William Hartnell, the 1st Doctor, patrick Troughton, the 2nd, and John Pertwee, the 3rd, and then current Doctor), only Mr. Troughton and Mr. Pertwee played major roles.  Mr. Hartnell was too ill at the time of filming, so his role had to be scaled back.


Producers taped his sequences at separate studios, then contrived the story idea of having him trapped within a time eddy to explain his limited role.  Although only in one scene, and projected onto the TARDIS view screen, Mr. Hartnell’s 1st Doctor sets his two successors on the right path and settles their squabbling.


A story this big needs a big adversary, and Omega, the renegade Time Lord provides it. Trapped within and anti-matter universe on the other side of a black hole, Omega has gone bonkers, and wishes to  take vengeance on those he believes wronged him. Thus he begins draining the life energies from Gallifrey itself; with the Time Lord’s home world in jeopardy, they break a hallowed rule of time travel and call forth the current Doctor and his past identities to work together to thwart Omega.  


Along with Jo Grant (Katy Manning) and select members of UNIT, the two Doctors take the TARDIS through the Black Hole and into the anti-matter universe.  There they eventually split up, get capture escape, and finally confront and defeat the mad Time Lord Omega. 


The ample extras in this two disc set include commentaries, interviews, featurettes starring Katy Manning and Stephen Thorne (Omega), a delightful featurette entitled “Girls, Girls, Girls” that features interviews with Manning, Caroline John (Liz Shaw), and Louise Jameson (Leela), episode trailers, and much more.  Once viewers have watched both discs, they’ll appreciate the special nature of this amazing debut story to the Doctor’s historic 1oth season.



-   Scott Pyle 


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