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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Adventure > Fantasy > Mecha > Setai > Japan > TV > Sabin's Power Rangers: Super Samurai Volumes 1 & 2 + Monster Bash (Lionsgate DVDs)

Sabin's Power Rangers: Super Samurai Volumes 1 & 2 + Monster Bash (Lionsgate DVDs)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: C     Episodes: B+



Go Go Power Rangers Samurai!  Join Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Emily, Mike and Antonio for more samurai action.  The Nighloks are back and more powerful than ever, only the Samurai Rangers can stop them. With the new weapons, allies, and zords, the Power Ranger Samurai must evolve new powers to combat Master Xandred and his minions. 


The evil Master Xandred and his new ally Serrator have combined powers to stop the Power Rangers. Not only that, the Nighloks and Moogers are evolving and becoming stronger than before.  Fortunately with the mysterious legendary Black Box, the Power Rangers Samurai evolved into Power Rangers Super Samurai.  Along with their new ally the Gold Ranger and his zord they combine their powers and form new zords, including the BullZord and GigaZord. 


Get ready for another season of Power Rangers Super Samurai (in two DVD volumes here), as the team learns to work together, make friends, and save the day they show the power of good always wins over evil.  They battle day to day to send evil monsters back to their dimension, they morph with their spirit symbols and zords (gigantic robots) to combat evil.  Extras include music videos, character and weapon gallery, and trailer, includes two Halloween episodes from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.



Vol 1


Super Samurai 

Antonio must fix the legendary Black Box for the Ranger to evolve into Super Samurai, but will he make it in time?


Shell Game

An invincible Nighlok with a super hard shell attack the Samurai Rangers, they have to find some way to crack his nut. 


Trading Places

A Nighlok with the power to switch people spirits into objects, and when 4 of the Ranger's spirits get stolen it is up to the remaining two to free them.


Something Fishy

After getting turned into a fish, Antonio must either over come his fears or quit being a Power Ranger.


Vol 2


The Rescue

Mentor Ji and Antonio get kidnapped by the Nighloks, and they have a trap laid in store in store for the rangers. 


The BullZord

A young guardian accidentally releases a powerful, out of control, rampaging zord, can the Power Rangers tame this new Zord?


He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother

Mia's rock n' roll brother come for a visit and puts on a concert for the hospital. 


Kevin's Choice

Kevin looks back at his old life and wonder what he left. The Power Ranger must combine all their Zords to form the all powerful Gigazord to stop Master Xandred's latest Nighlok.


Monster Bash


Samurai Power Rangers "Party Monsters"

The ghost of the defeated Nighloks reminisces about their battles with the Samurai Power Ranger in a Halloween Bash.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers "Life's a Masquerade"

A Pumpkin monster attacks the Halloween Game show.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers "Trick or Treat"

A Frankenstein monster crashes the Halloween costume contest.



-   Ricky Chiang


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