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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Sister Act (1992) + Sister Act 2 (1993/Disney Blu-ray + DVD)

Sister Act (1992) + Sister Act 2 (1993/Disney Blu-ray + DVD)


Picture: B-/C+    Sound: C+     Extras: D     Films: B/B-


Both Sister Act and Sister Act 2 are pretty dated films; or at least blatant 90’s films.  Then again Whoopi Goldberg was an essential 90’s film star.  I love Sister Act and mildly like Sister Act 2.  The first film is better made and not quite as corny as the second; plus the focus on a group of misguided youths just didn’t do it for me.


Sister Act

This film follows Doloris (Whoopi Goldberg) as she hides out from her mob boyfriend after she witnesses a murder.  The Police decide to hide Doloris the last place anyone would expect to find a Reno Lounge Singer, a convent.  Needless to say Doloris didn’t exactly fit in, but suited up anyway and did her best to play the part of a good nun.  Of course Doloris’ bad habits and lack of Christian knowledge create many amusing (awkward) situations.  The other nuns (outside of Mother Superior played by Maggie Smith) are unaware of Doloris’ past and fall quickly in love with new Sister Mary Clarence.  Doloris shows the sisters a world they never knew before; restoring the faith in a floundering parish with song.  When Doloris arrived the convent’s choir was less than stellar (to put it lightly), but after some rearranging and taking the conductor chair Doloris revamps the sisters into powerful music machine.  The film is famous for combining classic church hymns with ‘Mo Town’ hits to create a fun take on the more uptight end of Catholicism.  Mother Superior doesn’t take kindly to Doloris ‘corrupting’ the other sisters, but with some perseverance from the sisters (and praise from the community) Mother Superior is outvoted and the new music stays.  Just as the church starts to get some recognition (and money) Doloris’ past creeps back in after a corrupt cop leaks Doloris’ location to her mob boyfriend.  Doloris is dragged back to Reno by the mobsters henchmen, for what seems to be a quick and untimely end, but the other sisters (learning of Doloris’ past) are close behind to help save the day.


Sister Act is a very fun film with brilliant music that is well arranged and entertaining to hear.  It is somewhat dated, but not too bad.  Songs like “Hail Holy Queen” and “We Will Follow Him” are catchy to say the least and are firmly engrained in this reviewer’s memory.


Sister Act 2

The second installment in the Sister Act franchise has Doloris heading back to the convent (reluctantly) to help a failing school and some disadvantaged children.  The kids of St Francis High School are all punks without goals or respect, but Sister Mary Clarence is on the case.


The film again stars Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow nuns from the first film. The nuns arrive in Vegas where Doloris is now a headliner, having used her nun experience to make bank.  After some strong arming the nuns drag Doloris back with them to save the school.  Lauren Hill (yes the singer) stars as Rita a difficult but intelligent, talented teen whose mother does not approve of her singing.  That is the most developed character we get in the entire film.  The rest of the teens are stereotypes of ‘90’s punks’ with the kid getting back to his African roots, the wise cracker Fran-Kay, the stuck up girl (Jennifer Love Hewitt), and a handful of other throw away characters.  The story progresses (not really) as it is revealed the school is being shut down and only if the kids win a choir competition, will the school be saved.  Wait! Huh? Yeah, makes no sense.  The story crumbles as your standard Stand and Deliver film unfolds, with Doloris asking “how do I reach these kids” over and over until one day they just get it.


Sister Act 2 was released only one year after the success of the first film, but is much less believable and not anywhere near as good.  A simple money grab that has few shining moments (those being a couple catchy tunes).


The technical features of this two film set are housed on a single disc.  The picture on both films is presented as a 1.85 X 1, 1080p AVC Encoded MPEG-4 image that has its issues.  Detail is lacking throughout both presentations, but what is present is a steady, heavy dose of grain.  Black levels are inconsistent and colors can be drab and washed.  Needless to say the image needs work.  The 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio is also disappointing, especially because this is a film whose high points are the songs.  Both films say they are a 5.1 track but sound comes blasting from the front.  I was expecting to be surrounded by sound but instead soundscape and directionality were lacking.


Extras are nearly nonexistent (only a few for the first film) and only appear in standard definition.  Extras are as follows:

·         Inside Sister Act

·         Music Videos (“If a Sisters in Trouble” by Lady Soul/”I Will Follow Him” performed by the cast [found on the DVD])

·         Theatrical Trailers



-          Michael P. Dougherty II


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