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Category:    Home > Reviews > Science Fiction > Drama > Fantasy > Action > Jim's Gift (VCI Entertainment DVD)

Jim's Gift (VCI Entertainment DVD)


Picture: D     Sound: D     Extras: D     Main Program: C



Jim was just an ordinary boy until he bought a VCR from a stranger at the flea market.  Now, he can see the past and future on his TV, making his family believe he is 'gifted'.  Things are all fun and games play pranks and making other believe he is psychic, that is until a friend's family heirlooms are stolen and he is blamed for them.  Now, he has to use his new found power to clear his name in Jim’s Gift.


When Jim and his best friend buy an old VCR from a mysterious silvered eyed peddler/alien (from outer space; VHS or Beta will not matter here), originally the alien teaches the boy to use the VCR to see the past to help find his lost dog, but then warns him to not see too much of the future.  Jim helps his father win a race bet, but soon the media gets wind of a boy who can see the future, but when the boys try to warn of an impending theft, they are blamed instead when it gets stolen.  Now they have to recover the goods with the cops on their tail.


This was a comical short film someone found on their old VHS, a tale of a boy, his friend, his dog and a helpful alien who is slightly playful and gives a little of his tech to help the young boy recover/learn about life.  As the boy learns to use his new found power to trick and impress his middle class family, he eventually learns the responsibility that goes along with it.  A nice idea, but it only goes so far.  Too bad it did not look or sound better.  Extra includes gag reel.



-   Ricky Chiang


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