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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Urban > Drama > Faith > Tyler Perry's House of Payne – Volume 8 (Lionsgate DVD)

Tyler Perry's House of Payne – Volume 8 (Lionsgate DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: B+



Welcome back to The House of Payne, the laughs are bigger and so is the family in this Volume Eight presentation.  As the family finally seems to be settling down and each with their own families, pops can finally take a break without kids living in his house, but that doesn't Grandpa Payne from paying them a visit... to their dismay.  Raising kids isn't easy or fun and games, at times Curtis and Ella must look in on their son Calvin and nephew C.J. and lend a helping hand.


This remains an enduring, comical family drama of a middle class African American family and their very extended family.  Curtis Payne is the head of the household, he's large, in charge and just the most laziest but lovable grandpa around.  As he watches his boys finally make it to manhood and become fathers themselves (not to mention more responsible and a better father than he ever was).  It's a season of growing pains for the Paynes. As the antics grow between the family so does the comedy and heart warming moments of family.


This is another half hour TV situation comedy family series on cable, while comical it still wants to teach its viewers about having strong morals with the modern family, it is a little less PG with characters having all those affairs and relationships outside the family.  There are subtle messages in the series, that no matter much a man can be egotistic maniac and a pig, they still come home and can be forgiven and it is all well and good for women to work, be strong and independent.  If they put their work ahead of being wives and mothers they will risk losing their family.  If you don’t buy this, then you’ll want to skip it.




Matured Investment

The Paynes gets some new neighbors ... and they are swingers.


Who's Your Daddy, Now?

C.J. meets his biological dad, and he's white.


Feet of Clay

Curtis's best friend, idol, hero comes for a visit, Big Jesse.


Date Night x 3

There is trouble in paradise for the Paynes.


Watch the Son Shine

Calvin takes a class with Ella.


The Drinking Game

Malik gets involved with underage drinking.


Who's On Top?

C.J.'s new boss turns out to be a woman and she wants him to put out her fire.


Help! Help! Help!

Curtis uses a bunch of people from the homeless shelter to fix his house.


Stinging Payne

The Paynes have to tighten their belts to make ends meet.


Worth Fighting For

Malik fights for a girl.


Oh Christmas Paynes

The Payne's tell various versions of the Manger Story.


Who's Your Nanny?

C.J. hires a new nanny.


The Chef

Malik lies that he can cook to impress a girl.


My Fair Curtis

Curtis helps Floyd with his love life. 


Rest for the Weary

Calvin needs money but he refuses to ask Curtis for help.


Thug Life

Malik is arrested for shoplifting.



C.J. must help rehabilitate his son and his friend.


A Payne in Need is a Pain Indeed

Curtis lies to cover his butt. 


House Guest

Ella helps lets an abused wife stay with them.


Payne Showers

Curtis throws a 'Man Shower' for Calvin.


Playing with Fire

Calvin Jr. is suddenly taken away and the Paynes commit adultery.


When the Payne's Away

Curtis is forced on a diet he doesn't want.



The Paynes reminisce about the house they grew up in.


Payneful Resolution

Real estate agents offer to buy the Payne's house.



Picture and sound are the same as the previous volumes, an HD shot, flatly lit sitcom that could look better but sounds about as good as it is going to.



-   Ricky Chiang


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