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Category:    Home > Reviews > Special Interest > Speculation > Extra Terrestrials > Media > Politics > Selling > Auctions > Reality TV > Ancient Aliens: Season Four (2012/A&E/History Channel Blu-ray + DVD)/Celebrity Trials (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)/Shipping Wars: Season One (2011/A&E/DVDs)/Storage Wars Texas: Season One (2012/A&E DVDs)

Ancient Aliens: Season Four (2012/A&E/History Channel Blu-ray + DVD)/Celebrity Trials (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)/Shipping Wars: Season One (2011/A&E/DVDs)/Storage Wars Texas: Season One (2012/A&E DVDs)


Picture: B- & C/C/C+/C+     Sound: B- & C+/C/C+/C+     Extras: D/C-/C/C     Main Programs: C/C+/C+/C+



Now for some more speculative and “reality TV”…



Ancient Aliens: Season Four has become so popular that A&E/History Channel is issuing this season in both DVDs (as they have with the links to our coverage just below) and a Blu-ray set.  For a look at the first three seasons, go to these links:












This is more of the same and the only thing more extraordinary than the claims across the 10 episodes in this set is that they actually found more outrageous material to tell the audience.  Who things of this stuff?  Anyhow, it is still for fans only and with the Leonard Nimoy In Search Of… series hitting DVD, I can imagine this was good timing on their part to expand the potential audience of the show.


There are no extras and I would be surprised if there were.



Brian Malone’s Celebrity Trials (2012) attacks tabloid media the long way by taking the 2004 Kobe Bryant sexual assault case and showing what a waste of time, money and distracted energy such cases can be.  The basketball player had some kind of sexual encounter with a young lady (apparently not young enough that it was statutory rape) and was sued and charged.  After well over a year, including advanced attacks on the accuser, the criminal case was dropped and Bryant settled for undisclosed dollars about the later civil suit.  It seems he might have gotten carried away in the incident, but not necessarily was as guilty as the press was hoping for and boy, are they hoping for it.


Unless he was a not-so-well-liked figure, one wonders if a Caucasian celebrity would have garnered this attention, but that is never addressed as Malone is more interested in the political underpinnings of wasting time on this while whiter collar criminals practice vulture/late capitalism and the country has much larger problems to worry about.  My only complaint its that more analysis is needed and maybe the Bryant footage is too long and too plain to the point some of the Malone’s points are inadvertently negated.


A trailer is the only extra.



Finally we have two new “reality TV” shows about regular, ambitious people making money the old fashioned way through hustling, competition and opportunity.  Both Shipping Wars: Season One (2011) and Storage Wars Texas: Season One (2012) want to be spin-offs of sorts to the original Storage Wars show in much the way we had several CSI and Law & Order dramas.  For A&E, this could mean big money of their own (think Pawn Stars and now, Cajun Pawn Stars) so if you are unfamiliar, try our previous coverage of the Original Storage Wars One…



plus Three




Well, both shows here are in the same style to some extent and in these 2-DVD sets are just enough to launch these shows.  Not that they’ll be hits, but we’ll see.  Shipping has the hook that most of the items are so oversized that they might seem more trouble than they are worth, but that can mean big money, while the latter series believes just being in Texas will make it interesting.  None of the moneymaking dealers really stuck with me in either case, but who knows and new people may be introduced in later seasons.


The only extras on both are additional footage not in the episodes.



The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image on the Alien and Trials DVD are softer than I would have liked, while the same on Shipping and Texas are more like the quality such HD shoots usually offer up, though in fairness to Trails, some of its footage is analog and rough.  That leaves the 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfer on the Aliens Blu-ray set the image winner here still with its share of degraded images and still with detail issues, but the best color and consistency throughout.  The DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless mix on the Aliens Blu-ray set the sonic winner as well with richer and warmer sound than the lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo on all the DVD releases, especially weak on Trials since some of the audio is monophonic or has location issues.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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