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Category:    Home > Reviews > Western > Drama > TV > Gunsmoke The Sixth Season, Volume 2 (CBS DVD)

Gunsmoke The Sixth Season, Volume 2 (CBS DVD)


Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: B+



Welcome back to Dodge City, as the frontier shrinks, civilization catches up with the law, but like wild frontier, there are still wild gunmen and other troubles, the only thing protecting citizens is Marshall Matt Dillon and his faithful deputy Chester Goode. Along with Long Branch Saloon's Miss Kitty and Doc Adams they protect and serve the citizens of Dodge City here justice is usually decided at the end of a smoking barrel. It is up to Marshal Dillon to stop all the killing, but along with short tempers and trigger happy gunmen, Marshal Dillon must keep the peace between the races, family feuds, runaways, and even a few love triangles. 


This was what the West was, wild and dangerous, and justice was always a smoking gun. For a network TV series of the time, Gunsmoke (here in a Season Six, Volume Two set) wasn't afraid to show how justice wasn't always fair, discrimination, gun fights and thievery was common as breathing. As the various people move in, some just want to settle down while others just take from others. From citizens, to bandits, to Indians, peace is as fleeting as the nearest quick draw. It showed how frontier men lived and how the law was brought to the land in this most successful of the many TV Westerns of the time.



Love Thy Neighbor - A young 12 year old boy is fatally shot for stealing some potatoes, now Marshal Dillon must somehow stop a family feud before both families have more dead people than alive.


Bad Seed - Matt takes in a runaway young lady, but she may be more trouble than her worth when she has the hots for Marshal.


Kittyshot - Miss Kitty gets shot and Matt goes gunning after the man who shot her. 


About Chester - While out looking for Doc, Chester finds himself caught by a horse thief. Can Chester get out this without Matt?


Harriet - A young girl, Harriet secretly witnesses the murder of her father, now she finds the men in Dodge and wants revenge. 


Potshot - With some bank robbers at large Chester gets mysteriously shot, Matt hunts down the bank robbers but the real culprit turns out to be someone else.


Old Faces - Tom and Tilda are a new couple settling down in Dodge, but when her past comes to light it gets Tom in a gunfight. Will Tilda tell Tom the truth to stop the fight at the risk of loosing everything?


Big Man - A man attempts to rape Kitty but is saved by Matt, but when he ends up dead Matt becomes the prime suspect.


Little Girl - Matt takes in an orphaned little girl, but can he find her a home and family or will he become her 'new' daddy?


Stolen Horses - Matt and Chester go after a murder and horse thief, but when they enter Indian territory the law has no meaning there.


Minnie - A wild frontier woman has a crush on Doc to everyone's amusement, that is until her husband comes looking for her. 


Bless Me Til I Die - A lovely new couple moves into town, but when one them used to be a murderer, can Matt let him go even if he's turned over a new leaf?


Long Hours, Short Days - Matt arrests Sepa, a gunrunner for the Indians, but now the Indians want him freed... over Matt's dead body.


Hard Virtue - Andy Coe used to be a hot headed gun fighter, but when his new boss sets sights on his wife Andy just can't take keep his gun holstered.


The Imposter - A Texas sheriff asks Matt to help him catch a criminal, but there is something about his story that doesn't add up.


Chester's Dilemma - Chester has a crush on a girl, Edna. But Edna has other plans for Chester in mind.


The Love of Money - Matt's ex-marshal friend gets shot in the back and Matt suspects the new bar girl might be the culprit.


Melinda Miles - Tom is courting Melinda, but Melinda's father has someone else in mind for her, Roy. But after a high stakes poker game Roy is found murdered... was it Tom who did it?


Colorado Sheriff - Matt and Chester finds an injured man on the prairie, and some deputy sheriff from Colorado is after him... dead or alive, and dead is preferred.



- Ricky Chiang


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