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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Sex > Rock Music > Satire > Sexploitation > Tight (2012/MVD Visual DVD)

Tight (2012/MVD Visual DVD)


Picture: D     Sound: D     Extras: A     Main Program: C+



Get ready as four former XXX adult video stars attempt to form the first all girl, porn/rock n' roll band in Tight.  As they break out of their former industry they must not only learn how to play their instruments, but work together and get along. Question is will they learn to play their instruments before they kill each other.


The four former porn stars have a change of life style when they decided to become this band and enter the music industry.  They are already used to wearing skin tight/revealing outfits, but as they quickly learn, being in a band takes more than just looks, writing their own songs, music, takes time and practice.  As they get ready however, their certainly enjoying the perks of a rock n' roll band, wild parties, drugs and alcohol, and road trips.  If all else fails they can always strip on stage!


These four hot girls learn what it takes to be in a band, deal with managers and sponsors and how to play a guitar.  While inspiring, the four former porn stars make an attempt to change into rock n' roll stars, asides from their looks, find that all else falls a bit short.  While learning to play their music, they really need more practice and spend less time partying and drinking.  They use their image more than the music, and for their lack of skill they make up by flashing on stage.


The picture and sound are really lame here and made all this hard to watch, plus it was hard to see and hear what did work, including the gals.  Extras include bonus video, deleted scenes, photo gallery, concert footage, music video and trailers that are the best part of this release.



-   Ricky Chiang


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