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Category:    Home > Reviews > Murder > Thriller > Kidnapping > Slasher > Mutilation > Obsession > Snuff > House of Flesh Mannequins (MVD Visual DVD)

House of Flesh Mannequins (MVD Visual DVD)


Picture: D     Sound: D     Extras: C     Feature: C+



Sebastian is lonely artist, a photographer and filmmaker ...for underground snuff. While keeping quietly to himself, little do his neighbors know of his passion to film violent and his own morally depraved desires.  He spends his time making and jerking off to his own snuff films.  However, when a beautiful girl next door, Sarah becomes interested in Sebastian, will he let her into his world?  Will she become his angel of salvation or his new inspiration for his next victim?


In House Of Flesh Mannequins, Sebastian sees himself as an artist, not an accomplice to murder; all he does is film those who do those things.  Tortured, sleep depraved Sebastian is a survivor of child abuse and finds his solace only in watching the pain of others.  He is surprised when his beautiful neighbor shows an interest in him and his films.  However the beautiful Sarah turns out to be also a survivor of abuse and finds a morbid pleasure in Sebastian's films.  Sarah in turn releases her dark desire for murder, torture and abuse and takes Sebastian under her wing as her personal photographer and lover. 


This was definitely about and for the macabre, a tale of those who find pleasure in torturing, pain and the abuse of others.  The idea is that those who have been abused have no normal enjoyment of pleasure; instead they find pleasure in pain has been done before and much better, especially in House Of Wax-type films.  The only way to lessen their own pain is to inflicted more pain on others.  They find beauty in that pain... but as they enter more of their carnal and dark desires, they lose more of their sanity.


Too bad this is not that good, despite a workable idea.  The picture and sound quality are hideous and that made this very hard to view, but the content was not a total; disaster.  Extras include 5 snuff films in the movie, special effects and make up, and interviews with the cast and crew.



-   Ricky Chiang


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