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Category:    Home > Reviews > Special Interest > Supernatural > Speculation > Mysterious Phenomenon > Conspiracies > Aliens > Crime > In Search Of… – The Complete Series (1976 – 1982, 2002/Millennium/VEI DVD Box Set)

In Search Of… – The Complete Series (1976 – 1982, 2002/Millennium/VEI DVD Box Set)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: A-



In Search Of…  Those words conjure up the voice of Leonard Nimoy as well as a lot of unexplained phenomena.  When I was a little boy this TV show was in syndication and the first episode I saw (on Channel 9 WWOR out of NY) scared the devil out of me -  and I guess that's ironic considering the episode was In Search Of… The Amityville Horror.  But we'll get back to that episode and move on to what the In Search Of… DVD box set is all about.  Here’s a little background first…


The show was originally on CBS from 1976-1982 followed by a long shelf in syndication where two generations discovered it.  Most recently it was on The History Channel in the late 1990s ending in 2002.  Every episode looked at a mystery or some form of strange phenomena as Leonard Nimoy would narrate and appear (in most episodes he appeared but not all). The music, narration, and subjects of discovery all added to the mystique and eeriness of the proceedings (Moon Madness has some great music…at least to the hardcore fan).


The DVD box set from VEI (Visual Entertainment Inc.) contains all 6 seasons, that's 144 episodes, as well as 2 original pilot episodes that featured Rod Serling - and the Mitch Pileggi 8 episode revival from 2002.  But real, hardcore fans are not getting this for Serling or Pileggi - this is all about Nimoy and Co. as they go around the world and try and inform us, while also scaring us. 


In Search Of… looks the best it ever has as the episodes have been cleaned up, not remastered but at least touched up. They are all presented in their original TV format at 1.33:1, filmed on 16mm stocks.  The lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono is as good as it is going to get in this codec, but it is fine as expected.  There is some grain here and there on the episode prints throughout the set, but this is as good as a show from the 1970s should look.  In fact, some of the graininess adds to the scare factor.  And every episode is original - not the truncated versions that appeared on A&E or The History Channel down to the original opening and closing credits.  The good news is that these episodes look a little 'brighter' than they did on cable, especially later syndicated prints which could be very dull. 


There are no extras (unless you count the Rod Serling or 2002 episodes, but we will not), but having the entire series is a big enough treat.  (Note: there were many rumors that the Lee Harvey Oswald episode might not be included for copyright reasons but here it is!)  Look, the way I see it is you're either a fan or not.  And I'm a huge fan.  A lot of these episodes hold up and are really cool to watch.  Some of the highlights of the series include:


--The Bermuda Triangle (a strange caller calls a radio station and spooks the hell out of him and trust me, this will freak you out as well!)


--The Lost Dutchman Mine (this lost treasure in Arizona's Superstition Mountains is still unaccounted for)


--Michael Rockefeller (did he drown off the coast of New Guinea? was he captured by headhunters? is he still alive in the wild?)


--Bermuda Triangle Pirates (spooky and sad as modern day pirates kill and plunder, almost like a precursor for Unsolved Mysteries)


--The Amityville Horror (this episode is scarier than the movie, there is some scary stuff going on here, don't say I didn't warn you about the dolls eyes!)


--Jimmy Hoffa (lots of great insight into the man and the mystery surrounding his disappearance)


--Abominable Snowman (the Yeti is high up on many fans list as the creepiest of the creepy episodes)


--D.B. Cooper (the mystery of the infamous skyjacker, still unsolved & still intriguing)


--Lee Harvey Oswald (a look at the man and the JFK assassination, featuring theories still around today)


--Moon Madness (this was always a favorite - do people really go insane when the moon is full and the tide is high?)


--The Ultimate Disaster (a classic episode - why? - because according to this we should all be dead now)


--Some other highlights are: Jim Jones, MIAs, Nostradamus, Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, The Missing Heir, and the San Andreas Fault. And high up on the scare meter are Jack the Ripper, Haunted Castles, and UFO Captives.


If you are a fan - go grab this set - which from what I can tell is only available online at either Amazon or through VEI directly.  If you're not a fan, try and check it out - you won't be disappointed.  The shows are cool, the subjects intriguing, and Leonard Nimoy is along for the ride lending the right mix of knowledge and cool to each episode.  So, if you'll excuse me, it's time to go In Search Of…



-   H.M. Vons


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