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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Action > Adventure > Animated > CG > TV > Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Season 2, Volume 3 (Gaiam Vivendi DVD)

Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Season 2, Volume 3 (Gaiam Vivendi DVD)


Picture: B     Sound: C     Extras: B     Episodes: A-



Tony Stark, boy genius, Iron Man as he gets closer to his 18th birthday and inheriting Stark International has other problems to worry about in the latest volume of the hit CG animated TV series Iron Man: Armored Adventures.  Ever since the specs for the Iron Man suit was stolen his enemies, rivals, nemesis have pseudo Iron suits/tech.  Now on top over everything else Tony finds himself getting mixed up with Mandarin, Magneto, SHIELD operations, and an Iron Man from 2099. 


Tony, along with Rhody, and Pepper must find a way to stop evil, save Stark International from turning into a weapons manufacture, and save the world.  Things get more difficult when the Iron Man tech gets stolen and made into weapons, his enemies are not only increasing, but getting stronger.  Tony must not only improve but upgrade Iron Man suit if he is to stand a chance, but will with the aid of his friends, Nick Fury and SHIELD be enough for Iron Man to face in the trials to come? 


This is an Iron Man that has nothing to do with the movies or other recent films.  A teenaged Iron Man along with his best friend in power suits, trying to save the world, this is meant for a younger audience as our previous coverage of all the earlier DVDs and import Blu-ray set will show elsewhere on this site.  Think of it as an alternate world of a young Iron Man.  This series can be best described as 2-D, 3-D, 2-D cells, drawn to appear 3-D.  Looking good and sounding fairly, good, if not as good as the Blu-ray version, extras include artwork gallery, character and graphics design. 



Heavy Metal - Stane releases his new combat robot Iron Monger, but when it goes out of control can Tony stop it?


Mandarin's Quest - Tony gets brainwashed into helping Mandarin recover another ring of power.


Hostile Takeover - After all his defeats, Justin Hammer beats Tony in the only way he can, buying out Stark International.


Extremis - Tony faces a rogue super soldier from SHIELD, but even the Iron Man suit may not be enough.


The X-Factor - In an ever mutant increasing world, Tony face Magneto for the first time, who believes a war has started between human and mutants.


Iron Man 2099 - An Iron Man from the future who claims to be Tony's grandson has traveled back in time ...to destroy Iron Man.



-   Ricky Chiang


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