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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Adventure > Battles > Post Apocalyptic > Superhero > Post Modernism > Comics > McMahon & Martin: Tank Girl Carioca (Titan Books Hardcover Graphic Novel)

McMahon & Martin: Tank Girl Carioca (Titan Books Hardcover Graphic Novel)


Picture Print Quality: C+ Book: C



Tank Girl and Booga finally get a chance to win big on their favorite TV game show Quizbingo, but after being cheated of rightfully winning the show, they want Charlie Happy, the host, to die for taking away their prizes. Revenge becomes bitter sweet when Charlie's overweight wife vows vengeance and hires assassins to take down Tank Girl and company in the graphic novel adventure Carioca.


In some distant (or not so distant) future the world is in ruins, but life still goes on and is controlled by private, pirating companies that would like nothing better than to bleed the world dry, but happiness can still be found at the bottom of a beer bottle and justice is as far as the end of a smoking barrel. While Tank Girl could care less about anyone or anything, but mess with her life or any of her friends, don't expected her to sit quietly by. 


Tank Girl is a series set in a post=apocalyptic Mad-Max like future where mutant exists, and private companies have taken over much of the remaining natural resources. Tank Girl is a rough and ready character whose forte is to drive a tank and blow stuff up; her company is made up of other girls similar to her in nature and her kangaroo mutant servant/lover, Booga. This series, setting and character is geared for crudeness, vulgarness and wanton love of beer/violence for those who like stories without much need of plot or thought, so think of it as for fans only.



- Ricky Chiang


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