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Category:    Home > Reviews > Western > Drama > TV > Bonanza The Official Fifth Season, Volume One + Two (1963 1964/CBS DVD Sets)

Bonanza The Official Fifth Season, Volume One + Two (1963 1964/CBS DVD Sets)


Picture: C Sound: C Extras: B Episodes: A-



Welcome back to the Virginia City and Season 5 at Ponderosa Ranch with the Cartwright boys in the continuing series of upgraded, rightly official CBS releases of Bonanza. Ben Cartwright along with his boys, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe, pave the way on the Western Frontier of America. In the wild outdoors they find action, drama, love and even a bit of comedy. More often they find themselves dealing with the people as well as the land, helping friends and neighbors, defending the helpless, bring fairness and justice, and keeping the peace throughout the land. 


It would not be far from the truth to say the four Cartwrights are the four pillars of society.  Ben Cartwright leads his 3 sons (from 3 different marriages) to take care of the Ponderosa ranch and its people (as well as the people from all other territories around them). Adam, oldest of the Cartwright brothers is the shrewd business man; Hoss is a large lovable giant, not too bright, but always his heart in the right place. And 'Little' Joe is the youngest, impulsive and rash is the innocent poster boy of the Cartwrights. Together, they are the champions of justice; they bring law and order to wild frontier, anything from domestic disputes, bandit outlaws to raiding savage.


Bonanza is one of the most famous cowboy series from the 1960s and in all of TV history. It offers what is the embodiment of what people believe the American Cowboy is. This is a must have for all those who love Western drama. While it has its fair share of gunfights, it is more of a family drama with episodes dealing with themes and virtues such as honesty, fairness, love, lost and generosity. The series unconsciously touches issues and values people faced in the sixties, it portrays (inaccurately of course) the American cowboy as heroes, while fighting against injustice, it still painted a world with racism and discrimination. Extras include commentaries and photo galleries from various episodes, plus Original NBC Network Logo Bumpers and Chevrolet Automobile tie-in promos.



She Walks in Beauty - Emilia's sister arrives into town, searching for a new sugar daddy she eyes up Hoss.


A Passion For Justice - Charles Dickens is on a tour reading of his book, but when he finds out his copyright has be violated, tempers flare and he ends up wrongly in jail.


Rain From Heaven - A rain maker arrives in a drought ridden Virginia City, desperate for money for his sick daughter. Ben warns them not to waste their money. 


Twilight Town - Little Joe is robbed and ends up in a strange ghost town which needs his help to break their curse. 


Toy Soldier - Adam meets a gifted drunken artist who paints for the Indians, but his wife is converted by a local rich man, and has plan for his paintings and his wife.


A Question of Strength - Hoss accompanies two nuns on a trip, but then are rob by bandits. But fate seems to test them when they end up having to decide to save those who robbed them.


Calamity Over the Comstock - Calamity Jane is in town and has the hots for Little Joe, unfortunately Doc Holiday is less than pleased to hear so. 


Journey Remembered - Ben remembers how Hoss was born when he finds a journal of his deceased wife. 


The Quality of Mercy - When a man is dieing, is it mercy to kill him to put him out of his misery?


The Waiting Game - A man dies leaving his wife and daughter behind. Months later can Adam help bring a little girl to accept the truth of the death of her father?


The Legacy - When Ben's horse comes home riderless, the boys are tested to see if they would get revenge on those whom they believe responsible. 


Hoss and the Leprechauns - Hoss find a box of gold a leprechaun buried, but now can anyone believe Hoss's story?


The Prime of Life - Ben is in competition with a rival logging company to help build the rail road, but when a man in an accident, Ben blames himself for pushing the men too hard.


The Lila Conrad Story - A girl kills a man in self defense and hides in Adam's and Joe's wagons, but then they must deal with a judge who is all fire and brimstone.


Ponderosa Matador - Hoss takes up Matadoring to impress a beautiful senorita.


My Son, My Son - Ben is dating a woman he wants to marry, but when her criminal son comes home who side does he stand on?


Alias Joe Cartwright - Little Joe's identity is stolen by an army deserter and now is on death row. 


The Gentleman From New Orleans - A infamous pirate is in town, but when a man is murdered can he prove his innocence?


The Cheating Game - Laura, the young widow Adam is interested hires a farm hand who secretly desires Laura's life savings.


Bullet For a Bride - After an accident the Cartwright's take in a girl and her father, however the father wishes her to marry into the Cartwright's for their money.


King of the Mountain - Hoss is invited to be a best man at a mountain wedding; however bad blood between the families isn't going to let the wedding slide with a someone getting into a fight.


Love Me Not - An Indian chief gives Ben a young white woman who was raised by Indians, who falls in love with Ben.


The Pure Truth - With Hoss's spring fever and Ben's medicine, Hoss gets into trouble when he wanders into the wrong town.  


No Less a Man - People are saying Roy is getting too old be sheriff, Roy sets out to prove them wrong by stopping a band of bandits. 


Return to Honor - Ben gets word his nephew had died, but when he visits the grave he find he is alive and trying to thwart a bunch of counterfeiters. 


The Saga of Muley Jones - Muley Jones a distance relative to the Cartwrights visits, and brings endless troubles with his over loud singing voice. 


The Roper - When a wounded prisoner is brought to the Ponderosa, Will must out wit an outlaw's gang who is trying to free him.


A Pink Cloud Comes From Old Cathay - Hoss is in trouble when he gets someone else's mail order bride from China.


The Campaneros - A man and woman who saved Will asks Will to return to Mexico with them, but Ben questions their motives. 


Enter Thomas Bowers - An out of town opera singer is mistaken for a runaway slave, Hoss takes him into the Ponderosa to get him away from the mob. 


The Dark Past - A bounty hunter comes to town with a past just as troubling as his chase. 


The Pressure Game - Will is pulled into a rivalry with Adam to see who ask for the hand of Laura. 


Triangle - As Adam gets ready for marriage, things take a tragic turn when he gets injured. 


Walter and the Outlaws - When a clever dog is kidnapped and ransomed, Hoss hatches a plan to save him from 3 bumblers, but things don't go quite as planned.



- Ricky Chiang


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