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Category:    Home > Reviews > Mystery > Drama > Detective > Murder > Religion > TV > Father Dowling Mysteries – The Third & Final Season (1991/CBS DVD Set)

Father Dowling Mysteries – The Third & Final Season (1991/CBS DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: C+



No mystery is too large, no detail is too small for parish priest Father Frank Dowling (Tom Bosley) and Sister Steve (Tracy Nelson).  Welcome back, it is the 3rd and Final Season (seems like there were so many more!) of mystery sleuth duo that wears the habit in The Father Dowling Mysteries.  Anything from church young groups, to undercover nuns, thieves, murderers to the devil himself, there is nothing Frank and Steve can't handle.  Along with the support of Chicago police, their loyal housekeeper Marie, and the clueless Father Prestwick, they will always find the truth and catch the guilty. 


This is the oddest priest and nun pair you can ever find, Father Dowling is a priest who follows more science, facts, logic and deductive reasoning that faith to solve a problem (at least for the murder mysteries).  Sister Steve is a nun who knows far too much of crime, its methods and the underworld to be a just a nun.  Thought they are of the cloth, their unorthodox ways have earned them the respect of not only their parishioners, the community, but also the cops as well.  More often Father Dowling would link the clues found by the over curious Sister Steve and rescue her when she ends up in over her head. 


This series was more of a light hearted version for murder mysteries, the murder mysteries seriousness is counter balanced by the humanitarianism, irony and comedy of a priest/nun and they’re motley crew.  It does make one question however, if a priest and nun is able to solve mysteries, murders, and catch the bad guys, why do they need the police at all in the city?


The 1.33 X 1 image is soft throughout all the episodes despite the show being shot on 35mm film, so these are older analog masters, while the lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 sound is barely stereo and also a generation down.  Extras include episode promos, but they are weak.



The Royal Mystery - Sister Steve trades places with a Princess to help her love life only find out someone want to kill the princess for her inheritance.


The Medical Mystery - Homeless people's bodies are disappearing for a local hospital and Father Dowling and Sister Steve suspect they are being murdered.


The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea Mystery - Sister Steve makes a trade to save the hide of her wayward brother, little does she know she made a deal with the devil himself.


The Showgirl Mystery - Sister Steve's showgirl friend was to be married, but on the wedding day they find the groom dead.


The Movie Mystery - St. Michael's is being used film a murder mystery show, but when the director ends up dead, Father Dowling and Sister Steve steps up to take the case. 


The Undercover Nun Mystery - When Sister Steve discovers an undercover nun murdered, she finds there is more to the case than anyone is willing to tell her. 


The Murder Weekend Mystery - A pretend murder mystery weekend party turns real when the host ends up dead. 


The Reasonable Doubt Mystery - While serving jury duty Father Dowling is the only one who believes the defendant is innocent, now he must prove it. 


The Vanishing Victim Mystery - Father Dowling befriends a young woman at the airport but when she suddenly calls for help and disappears, he is determined to find an help her.


The Christmas Mystery - Sister Steve gets involve in a mystery when a young single mother doesn't show for her son and there are too many Santa's around. 


The Fugitive Priest Mystery - Father Dowling's evil twin brother frames him for a robbery.


The Substitute Sister Mystery - Father Dowling and Sister Steve finds an injured woman who claims she is the real Sister Steve. 


The Missing Witness Mystery - When a corrupt CEO is murdered Sister Steve find a prostitute who can shed light on the truth. 


The Prodigal Son Mystery - Father Dowling finds out he has a son he never knew who is accused of murder. 


The Moving Target Mystery - A hitman warns Father Dowling he is targeted and must find the hitman's employer before another hitman is sent in to finish the job. 


The Priest Killer Mystery - A serial killer is gunning for Father Dowling, Sister Steve goes undercover to save him.


The Mummy's Curse Mystery - When an Egyptian curator is found dead, is it the curse of the Mummy?


The Monkey Business Mystery - A friendly zoo chimpanzee is blamed for a murder and Sister Steve believes he was framed.


The Hardboiled Mystery - An author is found dead after writing a story based on a case Father Dowling and Sister Steve solved; now they must find a missing chapter in the book to solve the mystery.


The Malibu Mystery - In the city of angels, Los Angeles where vice can be bought and paid for, an innocent man claims a murder he didn't really do, Father Dowling and Sister Steve must find the real murderer. 


The Consulting Detective Mystery - After Father Dowling accidentally sent an innocent man to jail, his confidence is shaken and decides to give up, until he gets help from the great detective himself, Sherlock Holms.


The Joyful Noise Mystery - A DA's son is found with a dead body, but soon Father Dowling and Sister Steve find it is linked to a political assassination.



-   Ricky Chiang


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