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Category:    Home > Reviews > Reality TV > Supernatural > Ghost Hunters Season 8, Part 1 (2012/Image Entertainment DVD)

Ghost Hunters Season 8, Part 1 (2012/Image Entertainment DVD)


Picture: C Sound: D Extras: C Episodes: C+



Join Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and their paranormal investigation team for another season of ghost and spook hunting. As they investigate each rumored haunted sights, they spend the night try to contact, connect and capture on camera various restless spirits. Each haunt has some tragic past or story, haunting families or employees who live/work there, and perhaps their investigation can help resolve their unfinished business in the latest half season of Ghost Hunters.


Hawes and Wilson are joined by their honorary members, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), in their investigation to prove the paranormal and the existence of ghosts. Every episode they spend a night at the site setting up various equipment to film to try and capture some supernatural activity. They use not only cameras, but thermometers, electro magnetic field meter, thermographic, night vision and audio recorders. Their goal is to make contact with ghosts, finding moving objects, record un-explainable sounds, and moving lights or shadowy figures.  Hopefully they not only find the paranormal but help then explain and settle things for the living afterwards.


This series is a reality TV show into the paranormal; the crew investigates areas with long standing legends with hauntings. As they try to capture paranormal activity of moving objects or ghostly noises or sounds, more often their instruments may have some scientific reason. It is given any electronics can be tampered, other reasons maybe various objects (even far away) have EM fields, sounds maybe house setting at night, mysterious lights maybe reflections off somewhere, shadowy figures maybe cameras adjusting to focus. In all, I found this series not very scary or ghostly, the most scary thing is the story/legend behind the place and them setting the mood with sudden camera angles shifts and suspenseful music in the background. The image is purposely bad, but the location audio is worse than usual throughout. Bonus includes never-seen before footage.



- Ricky Chiang


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