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Category:    Home > Reviews > Aliens > Drama > Science Fiction > Speculation > Unaware (2010/Cinema Epoch DVD)

Unaware (2010/Cinema Epoch DVD)


Picture: C†††† Sound: D†† ††Extras: D†††† Main Program: C



A vacationing boyfriend and girlfriend are on their way to visit to his ex-military grandfather, but they are the ones in for a surprise when they discover his grandfather is out and files to a military secret in the barn. What was to be a weekend of get away rapidly turns into horror as they discover his military grandfather has as alien... and the alien isn't dead? As they try and get away, soon becomes secrets they will take to their graves in Sean Bardinís Unaware.


A closed off barn with do not enter signs, you can't find a better reason for two teenagers try and break in and find out what is inside and for some reason, they decide to bring a video camera to record their weekend. (Hmmmm.)From the moment they arrive, to the discovery of the alien, to the horror that it is still alive they kept recording even as they tried to call for help to the FBI, but the government already knew; 2 people were to be erased off the face of the earth.


For a movie that claims to be unedited, there so many tattle tail signs of fakeness, including the 'alien' itself, words were blurred out in the background; an supposed empty house had fresh fruit on the tables. While it tries to make it feel like it was some home recording, there were too many inconsistencies such as static in between the scenes, several hour gaps in the timeline (after discovering alien) in which they could of been more productive, such as make sure doors were locked up, or arming themselves, and if they were in danger the first thing they shouldn't do is turn on a camera with lights. In short, it was like The Blair Witch Project, except for it was about aliens, made cheaply by filming in real place and a bunch of fake cheap props with poor lighting.That is no complement, but neither is the awful video and really amateur audio.See it at your own risk.



-†† Ricky Chiang


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