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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Science Fiction > Horror > Aliens > Battle Earth (2012 aka The Medic/Inception Media DVD)

Battle Earth (2012 aka The Medic/Inception Media DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: D     Extras: D     Main Program: C+



Aliens have invaded Earth. 6 months later, Earth no longer belongs to the humans; Earth belongs to the aliens now and they have started their invasion in Canada.  What humans remain continue the war against the aliens. A group of soldiers are sent on a secret mission with a mysterious package into deep alien territory. After their helicopter gets shot down they find themselves wounded, out numbered, out gunned, but they still have to complete the mission. Little do they know of the cargo they are carrying, it may be the key to turn the tide of the war.... but which is worth more, the lives of the men or completing the mission?


In Aaron Kurmey’s Battle Earth (2012), the aliens have arrived and the world we know it now belongs to the Cthulhu-headed aliens.  A group of newbie troops are sent in on a secret mission that they don't even know about.  All they know is to follow their orders and kill as many aliens as they can along the way.  After their crash landing they begin to lose their soldier brothers one by one.  As moral plummets, the soldiers are stressed out, paranoid, and show signs of turning against one another and when they find out that their 'precious' cargo turns not to be the key to the war that they hoped for, some mind altering bio life form, is it really worth their lives to be the guinea pigs of this experiment? 


Aside from the great looking cover this was not what I had hope.  There were no high tech spaceships, much less ruined cities, the soldiers all had camo uniform and gear, but were all way too clean and too personalized to look like they belonged in the military.  The characters attitudes and the way they carried themselves reminded me more of weekend warrior paint ballers than soldiers.  The film took place in the forest the whole time and the 'alien' looked person with a Cthulhu mask, and it was same alien, never saw more than one alien on screen a time.  The CG looked like stock footage and the crashes looked like it was done on a single computer.  In short this movie tried to look real, but ended up looking pretty fake and that brought down the overall picture performance, which is soft.  The sound is much worse and there are no extras.



-   Ricky Chiang


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