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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Action > Adventure > Animated > CG > Comedy > Shorts > Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Heroes Unite (2013/Warner Blu-ray + DVD)

Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Heroes Unite (2013/Warner Blu-ray + DVD)


Picture: B/B-     Sound: B/B-     Extras: C     Film: B


After recently reviewing the ‘not so great’ Lego Star Wars straight to home video film, I did not have high hopes from Lego Batman.  In the end, however, I was pleasantly surprised.  The computer designed, animated feature is visually appealing, humorous, and stays true to both the Batman and Lego brands.


Some viewers may find the ‘film’ oddly familiar (I know I did) and for good reason.  The film, though the box claims otherwise, is actually composed of the multitude of cut scenes (short video segments) that appeared in the second Lego Batman video game (available on multiple systems).  These scenes are strung together with a few newly created video segments, as to make the film flow better; which it does.


Personally I had more fun playing through the game and viewing the ‘cut scenes’ independently; but for non-gamers, this ‘new’ film should be quite fun.  Lego Batman has fun with the DC characters and doesn’t take the Dark Knight down the serious, gritty, shadowy path we are accustomed to.  We are treated to plenty of slapstick comedy as the characters are on their worst behavior; and I don’t just mean the villains.  Yes, Catwoman, The Joker, Lex Luthor and many others make appearances; but it is the bickering between Superman and Batman, along with the ‘any moment now’ nervous breakdown of Robin, that really shines through.  As I previously mentioned this is NOT a serious Batman or DC comic venture; instead catering to inside jokes, Lego humor, and nonsensical superhero/villain antics.


A fun film that deserves a look, especially for those unfamiliar with the Lego Batman 2 game.


The technical features are quite nice as this computer generated feature blasts off with visual power.  The picture is 1080p AVC Encoded 1.78 X 1 High Definition with stunning clarity, bright colors, and dark inky blacks. The Lego world comes to life with fine detail and heavy attention to every brick and block on screen.  The sound is 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio that is not as stunning as the picture but gets the job done for this 71-minute animated film.  The surrounds are not used as much as I would have hoped (only heightened during fight scenes), but dialogue is crisp and clear.


The DVD is a clear downgrade from the Blu-ray and it is more than apparent this feature had always been meant for High Definition.


Extras include:

·         Building Batman

o        Featurette that follows Stop Motion Lego Artist Garrett Barati as he shows off his studio and demonstrates what goes into making a film; all while spouting off Lego Trivia

·         6 Stop Motion Lego films

·         2 episodes of Batman – The Brave and the Bold + 1 episode of Teen Titans (not sure why these are included???)

·         Trailers

·         *Exclusive to this set: CLARK KENT Lego Figurine, which is a nice addition to any Lego Collection



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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