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Category:    Home > Reviews > Western > Drama > TV > Rawhide: The Sixth Season Vol 1 + 2 (1963 – 1964/CBS DVD sets)

Rawhide: The Sixth Season Vol 1 + 2 (1963 – 1964/CBS DVD sets)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: B+



Join Trail boss Gil Favor and his cowboys as they journey across the wild American West.  Braving weather, Indians, bandits and much more, Gil along with his second in command, ramrod, Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood), his loyal cook/doc, Wishbone and his rough and ready crew they struggle to deliver the herd of 3,000 cattle to market.  It's a long, hard and dangerous drive, but somebody's got to do the job in Rawhide


Derived from stories of The Wild West and what it means to be a cowboy, Gil Favor is the rough, tough and ready Trail Boss he always stays calm and cool, he is supported by Rowdy his ramrod who help carries out Gil's orders to push the cattle and men, and they are all supported by Wishbone, the crew's cook and doctor fixing them if not diner, but out of one scrape from another.  Out in the frontier, justice sometimes is just the man with the quickest draw, and a herd is always a prime target for money or food.  As the cowboys push the herd through all kinds of weather, situations and troubles, and they encounter anything from thieves, Indians, settlers to lawless towns, but in the end what matters most is the herd and men.  


If you like Westerns then these two Season Six volumes of the series are must haves.  Watch the series that helped make Clint Eastwood into a Western icon.  While it’s not comical as Bonanza, Rawhide is more gritty and serious, but it still has its moments, and not everything ends up like the O.K. Corral or Deadwood.  It really shows (by then TV standards) what it means to be the Cowboy, the American spirit on the frontier when people had to take laws into their own hand and while you can't keep a Cowboy down nor pin him down, you can count on him to deliver his herd.


The 1.33 X 1 black and white image and lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono show their age, but play back well enough.  Extras include previews for select episodes.



Incident of the Red Wind - Rowdy meets a mysterious drifter that say he can lead them across the desert. 


Incident of Iron Bull - Who is the new Comanche drover and why is the army after him? 


Incident at El Crucero - Favor meets his match with a woman who won't allow his herd to pass through her land.


Incident of the Travellin' Man - The crew find a man in irons, but there are some vigilantes after him. 


Incident as Paradise - Rowdy protects an old man and his son and daughter from a wealthy land baron.


Incident at Farragut Pass - Favor is forced to hired a rich spoiled brat onto the crew.


Incident at Two Graves - Rowdy meets an Irishman who has a mission into dangerous Indian lands. 


Incident of the Rawhiders - While scouting Rowdy encounters a group of scavengers who are eyeing up their herd.


Incident of the Prophecy - A man is accidentally killed by a ricochet, and the victim's brother curse the crew.


Incident at Confidence Creek - A trickster steals the ownership papers of the herd from Favor.


Incident of the Death Dancer - Mushy goes with a hunter after an African lion that he has been chasing for years.


Incident of the Wild Deuces - Mushy wins big at the gambling table, but the bar's owner isn't just letting walk away without a rematch.


Incident of the Geisha - The crew meet a lost Japanese woman, but the Indians believes she is the goddess of fortune and demand them to hand her over.


Incident at Ten Trees - The crew meet a woman who had a mental breakdown, but the Indians believe she is possessed by an evil spirit.


Incident of the Rusty Shotgun - Wishbone finds himself in a forced shotgun wedding, Gil and Rowdy must somehow save him from marriage. 


Incident of Midnight Owl - An accident leaves Wishbone blind, but the cause seems to be psychological.


Incident of the Dowery Dundee - Gil and the crew encounter Scottish woman with her truck of dowry.


Incident at Gila Flats - The army commandeers 200 cattle to settle peace treat with the Indians, problem is on both sides they both want war, Favor volunteers to carry out the treaty. 


Incident of the Pied Piper - After a twister, Favor finds some of his lost cattle has been sold off by an orphanage.  


Incident of the Swindler - The crew encounters a thief, but he knows Wishbone's dark past. 


Incident of the Wanderer - The team encounters a strange wanderer who seems to bring bad luck.


Incident at Zebulon - A group of mask vigilantes kill one of the drovers and then turns to Favor when he intervenes. 


Incident at Hourglass - The crew path is blocked by the Army building a dam, Favor encounter a childhood friend who frames him for murder.


Incident of the Odyssey - Rowdy meets a traveling circus man who has a special package to deliver to a woman 11 years ago.


Incident of the Banker - Favor and his old friend changes jobs with each other, a banker and a trail boss.


Incident at Deadhorse (Part 1) - The crew encounters a mysterious man who was buried alive.


Incident at Deadhorse (Part 2) - Favor must protect a hangman from doing his job, but a town mob doesn't want to see the hanging take place. 


Incident of the Gilded Goddess - Rowdy encounters a cheating card shark woman from his past who claim she has turned a new leaf and innocent of murder. 


Incident as Seven Fingers - The crew encounters an army deserter, strange thing is he seems like he wants to be court marshaled.


Incident of the Peyote Cup – Jesus (pronounced Hey-Soos) is captured by Indians and forced to eat peyote in a tale of religion gone wrong.



-   Ricky Chiang


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