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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Supernatural > Heavy Metal > Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil: The Complete Season Two (2011 2012/E1 DVD Set)

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The Complete Season Two (2011 2012/E1 DVD Set)


Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: A Episodes: A-



Todd, Curtis, Hannah and Jenny are high-schoolers who become unlikely heroes in a town of Satanists to stop the Book of Pure Evil. The book grants the wishes of whom ever possess it, but never the way the person intends it, usually twisting the wish into a horror nightmare at the cost of a person's soul and life and threatens to destroy the world. It is up to Todd and the gang to fight and destroy the various evils which the book creates, hopefully giving them the chance to find and destroy the book, but the they are not the only ones after the book, their school guidance counselor Atticus is the head of the Satanist and is after its power to take over the world.


This season of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil continues the comical series of 4 high schoolers battling various possessed evil student body and the Satanic senior citizens who secretly run the town and school. Both Todd and Curtis are perverted best friends, Hannah is the resident bookworm/know-it-all (whom is dating Curtis), and Jenny is the Goth girl who Todd wants to get laid with. Together (not by choice sometimes) they try to find the Book of Pure Evil and destroy it, but each time after breaking the curse the book flies away to find a new student to possess. It becomes a race when both Todd and Atticus discover themselves as potential chosen ones, the only ones who can possess the book and not be controlled by it's power.


This was a hilarious series to watch, it really proves the saying 'be careful what you wish for', but be warned this is full of adult gross body humor and plenty of sexual innuendos. The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and lossy Dolby Digital sound are as good as you would expect for a new HD-produced show. Extras include blooper reel, deleted and extended scenes, musical numbers, FX bonus material, behind the scenes, 'In Memoriam' of the fallen students, and audio commentaries.




Redierment Home - The gang must rescue Jenny from the Satanic senior citizens.


The Student Body - Todd leaves the gang to protect his friends, but it is only by friendship do they have a chance to deal with the Book of Pure Evil.


Daddy Tissues -  Turns out Jenny's father wasn't such a good guy as they expected.


Simply the 'Beast' - A mysterious 'beast' is ripping up and destroying all the school cheer leaders.


Jungle Fever - A environmentalist turns the school and students into a prehistoric cannibalistic jungle.


Fisting Fantasy - The gang ends up in a fantasy video game, but if they lose all their lives they die for real.


See You Later, Masturbator - The school is stalked by an invisible pervert.


Loser Generated Content - The A/V club frames Todd as the murderer in a horror film. 


Deathday Cake - A magic cake eats people and takes their birthdays away. 


2 Girls, 1 Tongue - Hannah's role is stolen by Curtis's ex-girlfriend whom turns everything into a musical. 


B.Y.O.B.O.P.E. - Todd and Curtis try to lose their virginity at a party, but then they learn the book of evil can only be controlled by a non virgin. 


The Toddyssey - Todd time travels to the future to see what things would of been like without him.


Black Tie Showdown - Todd and Atticus face off for the last time for the book.



- Ricky Chiang


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