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Category:    Home > Reviews > Martial Arts Cycle > Action > Swords > Revenge > Japan > Blood Of The Samurai (2001/Cinema Epoch DVD)

Blood Of The Samurai (2001/Cinema Epoch DVD)


Picture: D     Sound: D     Extras: D     Film: C



Trent and Bob were ordinary best friends until fate landed them with two samurai swords, suddenly they are master swordsman trying to kill each other, but that the only start of their problems in Aaron Yamasoto’s Blood Of The Samurai (2001).  Both them and their girl friends are soon threatened by a mysterious crossbow-wielding hunter who want the swords, so Trent must somehow un-possess his best friend, save their girl friends and defeat the Hunter. 


Trent and his friend Bob becomes possessed by two haunted samurai swords, their former owners were the spirit of two samurais fighting each other over a girl.  On the plus side, they instantly become master swordsmen, the minus is they become blood rivals to each other, but they soon find themselves surround by ninjas, assassins and others who want the swords.  It as battle royal for survival, as Trent must be come the samurai to save his friends. 


This is one of those movie films that is so cheesy they only way to enjoy is like MST3K, Mystery Science Theater 3000, to sit back, comment and laugh at how bad the film was.  They might of named this movie this the Swords of the Samurai, because there was no 'blood' of the samurai (only the swords), but that would of sounded overly cool for the title of this movie. While the actors all act seriously, it too clichéd and it looks like they are dressed up more for a costume party than the character roles.  The action scenes was totally fake with missing body parts props, fake blood from squeeze bottles and mannequins that all could of come from a Halloween shop.  The picture and sound quality is awful and print looks old, plus we get no extras.  For laughs only!



-   Ricky Chiang


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