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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Supernatural > Ghosts > Spirits > Revenge > A Haunting At Silver Falls (2013/Inception DVD)

A Haunting At Silver Falls (2013/Inception DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: C     Extras: D     Film: B+



Recently Jordan has been sent to live with her aunt and uncle after the death of her parents at Silver Falls.  As she adjusts to her new life, new school she finds out the town has it's own skeletons in the closet, a string of grisly deaths of girls, and she has been seeing them.  As she tries to uncover how the girls died the towns people try to hide the truth from her, could it be the murder is still around and a lot closer than she knows in Brett Donowho’s A Haunting At Silver Falls (originally simply called Silver Falls).


Jordan is the troubled popular girl, after a midnight underage drinking/drug party in the woods she finds a ring which belonged to a dead girl and she begins to see the dead girls all over town.  While the townspeople think she is going crazy, the dead girl's ghost seems to want her to help with something, to bring their murderers to justice, but the townspeople rather think of Jordan as crazy than they were wrong, specially the town therapist threatening to lock her up and medicated.  The only way to prove her sanity is to follow these dead girls and find the real killers who is dangerously close to her. 


This was not bad for a ghost movie and not so much scary when some of the twists become apparent on some unfinished business, but it is one of the better supernatural releases I have seen in a while.  It has decent quality costuming, lighting and played haunting music at right times.  My only complaint is the ghost girl had noticeable shadow while walking around town.  In the end its about the dead getting their own justice for the wrongs done to them in life.


The HD-shot 1.78 X 1 anamorphic image looks better than expected, while the lossy Dolby Digital sound is not bad, but could have been better.  The only extra is a trailer.



-   Ricky Chiang


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