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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Supernatural > Demons > Possession > Torture > The Unbroken (2012/Inception DVD)

The Unbroken (2012/Inception DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: D     Extras: D     Film: C+



Sarah Campbell had just recently moved into an apartment complex after her nasty divorce with her ex-husband.  Little does she know it is haunted, at first she thought it was a neighborhood kid, but when the child starts showing up inside her apartment, mysterious shattering glass, and strange wounds, the child is obviously dead.  Paired with nightmares of torture and the child's ghost following her around, it clear he isn't letting her go until she does what he wants and one of her neighbors, she must uncover the child's secret or die trying in Jason Murphy’s The Unbroken (2012).


As soon as Sarah moves into a new neighborhood she run over a child, but when she finds nothing be a creepy toy clown she thinks nothing of it.  Turns out is a dead child with scars all over him has chosen to haunt Sarah as his avatar, unknowing to her she begins to see and paint visions of torture and death in her art.  The only one who believes her is her charm neighborhood handyman, the boy is saying one of her neighbors is a murderer, but who is it and can she prove it?


This is another ghost story, nothing is creepy as an innocent child turned into evil though.  The main character is forced/tortured until they have not choice but to do the ghost's commands, unfortunately the ghost child seems very limited in communication, instead of directing telling her his problems are and what he wants he communicates and scares them with visions and pain, but even when the main character decides to help, the film gives it another twist at the end, but you’ll have to see it to believe it.  It is called 'Unbroken' because the curse can never be really broken and just continues to repeat with each new neighbor, unless they can break it here.  Not awful and watchable if you are interested.


The anamorphically enhanced image is noth8ing special and the lossy Dolby Digital sound is a big disappointment, not well recorded and very generic.  The only extra is a trailer.



-   Ricky Chiang


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