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Category:    Home > Reviews > Fantasy > Action > Magic > Battles > Animation > TV > The Legend Of Korra Book One: Air (2012 2013/Nickelodeon Blu-ray)

The Legend Of Korra Book One: Air (2012 2013/Nickelodeon Blu-ray)


Picture: A- Sound: B Extras: C Episodes: A-



Korra is the next Avatar, fated to bring balance to the world. She journeys to Republic City, a city founded by Aang, the Last Airbender where both benders and non-benders can live in peace, but there she quickly finds there is no peace, a revolutionary group call the 'Equalists' lead by the mysterious masked Amon is attacking benders and brewing a war. Can Korra live up to the name and legend of the Avatar and bring peace? The Legend Of Korra Book One: Air (2012 2013) is a revival and continuation of The Last Avatar series making it the next generation of Avatar with new characters, a new world and a new avatar.


Barely a generation has gone by after Aang's war with the Fire Kingdom; Korra is a young teenage girl from the southern tribe who's come to live in the big city and to train to be the next Avatar. No sooner than when she arrives she learns of fighting between benders and non-benders. The Equalists lead by the mysterious Amon, who has the power to take away a person's bending forever. As Korra learns, makes friends, and even fall in love, she must combat her enemies and fight the forces of evil that threaten her new found friends and city. 


While there is are martial arts mixed with element powers, the new Avatar has a completely different set up than the last series. Instead of an ancient mystic Asian kingdom, it is set in a more modern industrial age city with steampunk machines. Along with the new female Avatar, the conflict now is not as much between the various fire, earth, air and water clans, but more those who have bending powers versus those who do not. All of a sudden it seems like benders are a minority (Like X-men and mutants), and the non-benders have technology to put them on an 'equal' or greater footing to fight them. While the series seemed a little rushed, there was much less for character backgrounds, but still it created a world of conflict in where the main characters and their friends are the only ones who can stop the impending doom.


The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image and DTS 5.1 sound are terrific and some of the best for any animated TV series we have seen to date, making playback of this set a real pleasure throughout. Extras include making of the legend, audio commentary from creator, staff, and cast, and creator's favorite scenes. 




Welcome to Republic City - Korra comes to the Republic City but no soon that she arrives trouble find her. 


A Leaf in the Wind - Korra beings her training, but she rather sneaks of to secretly play in pro-bending arena. 


The Revelation - Korra learns and has her first encounter with the 'Equalists', and it's mysterious leader.


The Voice in the Night - Councilman Tarrlok starts a task force to find and arrest the Equalist, but when he starts arresting the innocent, Korra won't just stand aside. 


The Spirit of Competition - Korra readies for the pro-bending competition, but has another competition in the game of love for Mako.


And the Winner is... - Korra and the Fire Ferrets plays for the championship, but then Amon crashes the party ....and declares war.


The Aftermath - Korra suspects someone is secretly working and supplying for the Equalist... Asami's father. 


When Extremes Meet - Korra faces off with councilman Tarrlok and discovers his dark secret. 


Out of the Past - As Korra tries to understand the meaning of her visions, Tenzin and Beifong rescues the hostages from the Equalists. 


Turning the Tides - The Equalist begins their attack on Republic City


Skeletons in the Closet - A the war continues, Korra and the benders fight to take back their city. They discover who Amon really is and his reason for the war. 


Endgame - Korra confronts Amon with the truth and faces him in a final battle.



- Ricky Chiang


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